Baking Mad for Halloween

In our house baking is something we do together.

The Littlies helping me bake up some treats

We love the Baking Mad website it’s full of wonderful recipes and so easy to use.
As it’s nearly Halloween I’ve been looking at some spooky things to bake and Baking Mad has plenty to chose from.
 What about this delicious looking  Spider Web Cake, this is definitely on my to bake list:

Halloween baking
Click picture for recipe

It’s really easy to make and who can resist all that yummy chocolate?

Or if cakes are not your thing, how about these  Halloween cookies? I know my littlies are going to enjoy having a go at these:

Halloween baking
Click picture for recipe

If you don’t have the right cookie cutters then has some tips on how to make your own templates instead.

There are lots of cupcakes to choose from but my favourites have to be these pumpkin cupcakes, and guess what? They actually contain pumpkin!

Halloween baking
click picture for recipe

I decided to start off by baking a Devil’s Food Cake. It was easy to make and very delicious. I’d never made the meringue frosting before and was happy to find it was easy. This is my effort with a link to the recipe.

Halloween baking
My version of Devil’s Food Cake

I’ve written this post because I love baking and I love who were kind enough to send me goodies to use in my baking.

All thoughts an opinions are my own, the littlies belong to me and so does the Devil’s Food Cake I made (it’s mine, all mine!)

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  1. October 23, 2013 / 10:19 pm

    I love Baking Mad! THey have a great website, filled with so much great stuff. That cake you baked looks delicious. My eldest has been begging for a chocolate cake, so I might try and do the spider-web one! x

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