Getting Rid of Stains with Vanish – Review

When you have kids stains are an everyday occurrence, whether it’s juice, ketchup or mud you are bound to have to deal with a stubborn stain at some point. My first point of call is to get the stain rinsed with cold water as soon as possible, a stain that has been diluted is much easier to deal with than one that has dried in.

I was sent some Vanish products to review. I was sent a tub of Vanish Oxi Action Powder and a Vanish Oxi Action Pre Treat Spray.
First up I tackled a stain on Boo’s school shirt. It was an old stain of fruit juice that hadn’t come out in the wash. I didn’t hold out much hope as these products do tend to work better on new stains. I sprayed on the pre treat spray and put a scoop of powder into the washing machine.

I know it’s hard to see the actual stain in the photo’s as it was already faded. It didn’t disappear completely after the treatment but it did look better.
My next test was to whiten some of the girls socks. These were particularly grubby socks so again I wasn’t expecting too much. Vanish also do a Crystal White range which would hopefully work better on tasks like this but I thought I’d give the powder a try anyway. 
First I soaked the socks for a couple of hours with a scoop of vanish in the water. I added a few other items that needed a spruce too. Then I put a scoop of vanish in the machine along with my regular washing liquid and washed them on a 40 degree wash. I was really happy with the results. They didn’t look like new, but they were so much cleaner and whiter. 
The Vanish website has some great tips, including videos which help you tackle most stains.
Here is the page for tackling fruit juice stains, a common problem in our house.
Or another bane of my life….ketchup stains!
You can also find loads of tips for getting rid of stains on the Vanish Facebook Page  where I’ve just spotted one for removing hair dye stains…off to read it now!
I was sent two products from Vanish for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own, so are the stains I tackled, unfortunately. 

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