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  1. Mummy of Two

    It's lovely when you get such nice comments isn't it. Hope Star settles in well and gets the support she needs to make it back to the top of the class, but hey, as long as they are happy and well behaved I think that is the main thing.

  2. Steph Curtis

    Glad to hear it was a happy experience for you – no wonder Star has been struggling really, with all that has been going on. Fingers crossed they stay on top with the support and pick her back up soon x

  3. Jane Roberts

    So glad to hear it was good reports all round. I can image that Star is having some struggles but that is totally understandable with all that she has been through. Changing schools is a big thing for anyone. Glad to hear they are also talking to her old school to improve things for her.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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