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  1. Kathryn Grant

    Good on you, for making the right choices for each time and for each stage of life! Your kids I'm sure are all equally well nourished and well-adjusted! I wish we could all accept that there are two equally valid ways of feeding babies, and no one should judge others choices. #PoCoLo

  2. rachel @ activities4kidz

    Good for you!! I recently blogged about this as well. I formula fed my eldest because I really struggled with latching but 16m later when his little brother arrived if done lotsnod research and it came to us both easily. Alex is now 16m and I'm still breastfeeding him about 4x a day. I have fed him wherever and whenever he needs feeding and only had two negative comments! Both middle aged men! I don't use s cover as he did want his head covered (quite rightly!) And never used a special room as having biggest toddler as well it wasnt practical. I try to be discreet, pulling my card around us but not appreciated by him! I figure even uncovered I show less flesh than lots of girls wearing skimpy clothes and unless you're staring you can't see anything anyway! x

  3. Victoria Welton

    I think that this so down to the individual as to what you decide to do – SO important that people are not made to feel guilty about their choices – especially with regard to the important subject of breastfeeding. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  4. Sara-Jayne Jones

    I love that you had different experiences with each of your children…and you are so right that how others judge us has a huge impact on our actions. I struggled so hard to breastfeed my first son, I had lost my vision and he wouldn't latch (and had an undiagnosed tongue tie) and the hospital were (and openly admitted to this) terrible in their support of breastfeeding. I was so determined that eventually, after syringe feeding him for a couple of weeks, we managed to get through it and I fed him until he gave up at 19 months. During that time I was terrified to go out, and fed sat in stinking toilets because of the fear of comments. Second time around I was far more brave and fed wherever and whenever because I was so ashamed at what I had done with my first. Who eats on the toilet? He self weaned at 21 months. Now I'm expecting my third and although I actually would love to bottle feed and get some sleep instead, I won't on principle…but they're MY principles and I'd never judge anyone else, or care about anyone else's choices. We are far too concerned about how everyone else is parenting today, and it causes unnecessary pressure and misery for no reason and no one's benefit.

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