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  1. Jess Fordham

    You are not insane. So stop thinking that.

    I think I am a pretty good driver if not a little too cautious, and I also watch people making mistakes, I think they are going to swerve over to my lane on the motorway, not stop at a junction (all of these happen to me regularly) and some people running red lights to the danger of the other cars around. However, I also KNOW I am the WORST passenger lol because I am so cautious and watching everyone I shout out at my partner alot, push my imaginary brake on the floor, or grab the ceiling!! And he quite rightly hates it lol!

    The thing you have to remember is, as long as your are in control of the car, YOU are in CONTROL of the car! Tell your partner to shut up, he can discuss driving when he has driven as long as you! Try not to over concentrate, it will give you headaches and all sorts. But, obviously, keep an eye on the road. Just turn the radio on quietly at first and gradually increase the volume.

    You can do it!

    Jess –

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      Good idea Andre, I do feel happier on my own, atlhough still concentrating hard. Things have just go worse with road works nearby meaning that all traffic is directed in our direction and there is no escape!

  2. Rebecca Beesley

    Oh Anne I'm sorry to hear this. I really hope and pray you will get that confidence back. I think something probably did startle you and it might just take a bit of time to get over that but then it will be fine. We had a very minor accident many years ago where another car squeezed through a small gap and hit our wing mirror. No-one hurt, nothing major just a new mirror for us and them needed and yet for ages and ages after (probably a good 6 months to a year) I got extremely terrified of driving down narrower roads or where there were cars parked on both sides. It got ridiculous as it was such a silly fear (and it hadn't even been me driving when the wing mirrors hit) and yet it had somehow subconsciously affected me so much. I remember praying about it a lot and then one day I noticed that the tricky bit of road I really feared suddenly was no longer an issue. Even now it is fine and I wonder why it had been such a big deal but it really had been an issue for no logical reason. Like you I believe I am a safe and wise driver but I think as I've grown older I have become aware of the dangers of the road and other people driving dangerously and that has made me worry. I'm sure it will pass and that it is just a temporary feeling and I know it doesn't help much to say just to bear with it – but please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and I hope you will get that confidence back soon. xxx

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      Thank you Rebecca. I know of a few people now who have lost the confidence to drive for a long time, I'm just hoping I can overcome this so I can carry on because if I let it beat me then I know I could be in the same position. I'm still driving but avoiding any long journeys for now. I always used to worry about getting lost, but that feels like the least of my worries now 🙁 xxx

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