Spuds and Stuff!

I do try to encourage my children to enjoy gardening. At our last home we had a little patch of garden where we used to grow things, mostly flowers. They had much fun, digging and planting and especially watering.

This year we managed to get some sunflowers planted, unfortunately they haven’t flowered yet. I’m not sure if our garden soil is good enough, the land was been through a lot considering it was a building site just a year ago, maybe we need to give it a little time. I do hope we can grow things though, I’d really like a herb garden.

We don’t really have the space to grow our own fruit and veg so I am planning to take the children to the National Forest Adventure Farm to explore their new Kitchen Garden and to dig up some potatoes. Every weekend throughout Septemeber, the Farm is letting children dig their own potatoes for free at their Spudfest event. I’m sure my children are going to have lots of fun. We will have to think up a fun potato recipe for Kids in the Kitchen!

In October the farm will be opening their pumpkin fields up to children. How exciting being able to pick your own Pumpkin from a field.

We are really looking forward to going back to the farm, we had such fun when we visited to take part in the Scarecrow Record Breaker event. There was so much we didn’t have time to do though so we will have plenty of new things to show you after our visit. In particular the children are looking forward to the inside play area which we didn’t spend too much time at last time, mainly because Star was still in her halo and couldn’t join in the fun.

Here are scarecrows from our last visit.

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  1. September 16, 2014 / 12:54 am

    This is such a fun time of year harvesting fruits and vegetables. We picked pumpkins last year and had a blast.

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