Looking Back at 2014

This time of year I always like to reflect on the past year and think about what I’d like to happen next year. It’s very self-indulgent I know but I’m going to do it anyway, and split it into two posts here on Raisie Bay.
So here is my tribute to the year that’s passed.

January 2014

Star had had her manipulation and halo fitted in December so January was a time spent mostly indoors apart from hospital visits.

It was also when I decided to start my regular linky Kids in the Kitchen which I have thoroughly enjoyed doing, and so have my kids.


My Eldest Daughter went to America by herself and landed in a snow storm in Washington. I found the whole experience terrifying and I think she did too. I don’t think she’ll be going back there any time soon.

At home we spent most of the time inside as usual, there was lots of food involved.


On March 3rd my Star lost her halo and we were able to cuddle her again. Sadly, it was also the time that we found out it hadn’t worked and further surgery would be needed.


Now the halo was removed we were able to get out more and in April we visited the theatre to see Hetty Feather and spent the day at the Nature Centre.


In May a very special friend of mine got married and gave me the honour of making her wedding cake. It was a truly wonderful occasion. Even No1 Son made it to the reception with his Dad, and he doesn’t do parties normally.


In June we made the most of Star’s freedom with a trip to Nottingham and I got to meet an online friend that I’d never met before.

Then it was back into hospital on 8th June where she had another manipulation and halo fitted, followed by a 7 hour operation on the 11th June where they performed a fixation with metal plates, pins and bone graft.


July was very eventful towards the end. We had a new car and I picked it up on Boo’s birthday the 27th. This meant that even though Star was in her halo again we could actually get out and about and make the most of the summer. Boo had a fabulous Frozen Birthday party, we even had snow…and it was one of the hottest days of the year!


August was an exciting month. We had a trip to the National Forest Farm where each of my children made a scarecrow to take part in the World Record Breaking attempt at most scarecrows. We also had a great day at a Birmingham park with some other bloggers and their children. The Little man had his 4th Birthday and Star had her 9th Birthday. The biggest event of all was the removal of Star’s halo (again) on the 19th August.


In September Boo went back to school and the Little Man started School for the first time.
We also had a lovely day trip out on a Birmingham canal and visited a local festival (well, local to where we used to live.) September was also the first anniversary of our moving into our new home.


In October I met a friend I’ve known online for nine years for the very first time. We also went pumpkin picking at Hatton which was a lovely day, and Hatton has become one of our favourite places to visit.


Star finally went back to school after being off sick for eleven months. We had to say goodbye to her home tutor which was very sad, but it’s wonderful to see her getting back to normal. She started off doing just mornings and hopefully in the new year she will be able to extend her day. I do miss her so much though.
November is my birthday and I was feeling old…well, for a little while, I guess next year I’ll be feeling even older!
We also put up our Christmas tree and decorations for the first time ever in November. 


We started December with bouts of illness but once recovered we did some really fun things such as Boo going ice skating, visiting the Christmas markets, visiting Symphony Hall for Carols and Town Hall to see The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We also had another fabulous day at Hatton where we met Santa and watched an open air nativity. I also enjoyed the Little Man’s school nativity and the girl’s musical assembly. In fact it was a very lovely month and a very lovely Christmas, made even more lovelier when I took receipt of a fabulous prize I’d won for the kids on Christmas Eve.

If you got this far thank you for indulging me. I have many wishes for next year but I’m saving that for a new post. What has been your happiest memory of the year? 

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