Jack Link’s Beef Snack

We love snacks in our home, the men are the worst for it and I have to keep a well stocked snack cupboard to keep them happy. I was sent some Jack Links Meat Snacks to try so I put them in the snack cupboard to see how things went.

They went pretty quickly!

The overall consensus was that they were a tasty snack, just a touch spicy and nice and chewy. Out of the packet they looked a little greasy, but they didn’t taste greasy. My boys gave them 9 out of 10. To get 10 they would have to be bigger and spicier!

At £1.30 you can buy them from Tesco Express stores which is great value, however, for even better value you can currently get them for just 80p using the coupon on the Jack Links Facebook page

“High in protein and low in fat, Jack Link’s Beef Snack products are made using only the best beef, which is then seasoned and slowly cooked in a smoke oven using authentic, treasured Link family recipes passed down from generations.”

About Jack Link’s

Jack Link’s is the world’s best-selling meat snacks company. The family driven company from the USA is one of the most successful and fastest growing companies in the industry. Jack Link’s offers a wide range of products across the world. Jack Link’s has its headquarters in Minong/Wisconson and over 3.500 employees all over the world. All European activities for the Jack Link’s Meat Snacks brand are headed from the European Central in Berlin

Disclaimer: We were sent some Beef Snacks to review, this is a collaborative post.

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