The Big Hoot Birmingham 2015

A few weeks ago while enjoying a coffee outside a cafe in the Custard Factory I was watching two ladies wrestle an owl from a car. I couldn’t help I’d have just been in the way, but I did give them a round of applause when the owl emerged. The owl was really quite spectacular and I assumed it was for some art installation. That’s usually what you see at the Custard Factory, no point going there for custard.

Then the other night I was watching the local news and I saw more of these owls, lots more of them and they are all over Birmingham until 27th September. They are part of the Big Hoot, a Celebration of Creativity in Birmingham. There are 210 owls in all, 89 giant owls and 121 owlets. The Big Owls were created by artists from Birmingham and beyond, whereas the owlets were created as part of The Little Hoot Education program.
At the end of the trail the giant owls will be auctioned to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. (Our second home for the past two years!)
If you want to do the trail you find all the information on the The Big Hoot website including maps which you can download. You can also download the app. to your phone to help you find the owls and track your progress. There are incentives offered along the way.
I think it’s a great way to get the kids motivated during the holiday. We have already been out owl hunting and found four giant owls and eight owlets.
Our first find was Buttons, at Cadbury World. A delicious looking owl that looks like he’s coated in chocolate buttons. He is located outside Cadbury World so you don’t have to pay to go in, but of course the kids will want to!
Our second owl was Blodeuwedd, found in the park. 
Then came my favourite owl so far, The Owl and the Pussycat Went to Sea. The detail all around this owl was amazing, truly beautiful. I am a fan of The Owl and the Pussycat though.
Then we found the beautiful Owl of Athena outside a library.
These are the eight owlets we found on the Little Hoot trail. 
We had so much fun finding them and seeing how wonderful they were, we can’t wait to go out and find some more. I hope you have enjoyed my sharing them too.

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