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  1. Nadine Hill

    My mum is a full time carer to her disabled husband so I see first hand the difficulty she faces with this duty. Everything is all about the person you care for, and not about you as the carer so it is important to recognise that carers need support too.

  2. Jibber JabberUK

    My brother was a carer for my nan. It totally changed his life but he never got any recognition for it. I wonder what would happen if all the carers just said enough was enough one day.

  3. Happy Homebird

    I am a carer, we have a local support group that is pretty good but for the most I am pretty isolated. Luckily I do have some help and have been able to have some free time this year.

  4. Lucy Dorrington

    This is a fantastic and worthwhile cause. Breakfast is so important, particularly for those who have such a demanding and stressful life, so it's a really appropriate focus! Thanks for sharing this brilliant initiative. xx

  5. Louisa

    Well done on raising awareness of this cause. Carers fulfil a valuable and often unpaid role and society as a whole should acknowledge this and support them in whatever way they are able.

  6. Looking for Blue Sky

    Well done for highlighting the work of carers – I think it's very telling that so many miss breakfast, especially as they may be on duty 24 hours a day. That suggests a serious lack of support, as that kind of life is not sustainable for most people, no matter how much they love the person they care for x

  7. Gemma Allen

    You have to be a pretty special type of person to care for people in any sort of way. I worked as a carer in a nursing home for dementia patients. I couldn't emotionally or physically handle it so I really take my head off to people that do

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