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  1. Tracey Halles

    I really feel for you Anne. You come across as such an upbeat and positive lady despite your suffering. You are amazing to keep going with such positivity. I pray things get easier for you and that you get some recovery soon. Xx

  2. anthea barton

    Oh geez, you must be so fucked off. I cannot imagine how hard each day is for you and others who have to deal with constant pain and discomfort. I had a couple of months with it when my back went and I hated being constantly uncomfortable. I have no words of wisdom just a big hug and I really hop your'hopes' are realised xxx

  3. Kara Guppy

    Sending big hugs, it must be so frustrating for you. My friend has back problems and they have told her there is nothing they can do – she is devastated! Hope that they manage to help you with the neuro therapy

  4. Tickle Fingers

    I've been neglecting social media lately moving house and working on other projects so didn't know what happened. Sounds like a tough, long road. Just to say thinking of you and hope things improve day-by-day. Hang in there x

  5. oana79

    I am sorry things haven't improved. I have friends who live with chronic pain and I know that it is no walk in the park. I hope your family and friends will pull in and help you through this difficult period in your life.xx

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      Thank you Erica, I hope I can get out again too, I really don't like being in a wheelchair, it's so not me. Plus I will miss out on so much not being able to get out by myself. At the moment I'm just focusing on improving my walking and keeping my hope. xx


    This is a big affliction – I know, as I was once in a long-term relationship with a TM sufferer. They recovered enough to be able to work and lead a 'normal' life, with relatively few symptoms. Look after yourself, sending lots of positive thoughts.

    • Anne Stone Sweet

      That's good to hear Nell. I am in touch with a lot of other sufferers, well to be honest there's not that many of them, but it's always good to speak to those who know exactly what it feels like. A few of them have made really good recoveries so I hold a lot of hope. x

  7. Charly Dove

    Oh gosh Anne, sending huge hugs your way. I do hope the physio helps, I'm sure it will although I presume it won't be an easy journey. I think you're right, as people we do adjust don't we – it's good though, it makes us fight I think too x

  8. Jenny Ripatti-Taylor

    Oh hunny I am so sorry to hear this. I have never heard of this. Must have been a shock and scary to find out for you. I really hope you get better news that it's the first and not the latter of them and recover soon babes. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me and the continual support. #sharewithme

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