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  1. Kim Carberry

    What a great thing to give up…I should follow your example!
    Well done to your kids!
    My girl is an august baby and she has had some behaviour issues in the past…Thankfully she has started to behave lately x

  2. Rebecca Beesley

    A great thing to give up for lent. I should try to follow suit i think! Sorry to hear about your loss and arranging the funeral. must be an emotional time for you. Brilliant news about the kids parents evening. xxx

  3. Jane Escapades

    What a great change to make for lent, I should have though about doing not stressing lol. It sounds like your children are all doing really well at school. Little E is a July baby and I do worry if it will make a difference to her, time will tell x

  4. Jeannette Cripps

    What a great idea for Lent, positivity is definitely an improvement on moaning.
    Well done to the children and I hope the funeral went as well as it could have done X thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

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