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  1. jojo140883

    My favourite cocktail 🙂 I've just had a baby so I can now start to enjoy the odd drink on a weekend again x

  2. TheMadHouse

    I always worry that any cocktail I make at home will be horrible or so strong it knocks me flat on my back! I do like the odd one when we are out though!

  3. Nadine Hill

    This is exactly what I needed to read today as I'm in my garden on the hottest day of the year pretending I'm by the coast! I think a mid-afternoon cocktail is in order!

  4. emmysmummy

    I do love a spot of cocktail mixing but I have a tendency to make mine really strong, of course not a bad thing but can get expensive to replace all the different alcohols needed lol

  5. ChelseaMamma

    Sounds brilliant for in the home – I used to make cocktails when I worked in a bar but unless you have a huge drinks cabinet its impossible at home

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