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  1. TheMadHouse

    I LOVEd introducing my boys to new books when they were younger. One of the best bits about parenting is bedtime stories!

  2. pennyalexander

    Brilliant to see a book teaching about transgender, I am convinced we can make so much positive change in the world through children's books. Thanks for sharing, picture books are so good for tricky issues, for all ages.

  3. nessjibberjabberuk

    I think sometimes a reading book is far easier to use when explaining issues than trying to tell a child yourself.

  4. missielizzieandmyshadow

    Love the sound of this. My daughter gets stuck on one author and reads everything they've ever written but it's hard to drag her away to try something new.

  5. oana79

    Oh wow, such an amazing way to approach the subject with young children! Emma has started noticing these things now when out and about so I will be sure to add this to my Boolino review list.xx

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