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  1. Reading Residence

    It does sound exhausting, especially as you're so used to driving and are used to getting places so much faster. You're right, you do have to try the hand controls – hope you get on with them and all goes well x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Northumberland Mam

    Neither my fella and I drive so we rely on public transport. Everything seems to take 3 times as long than traveling by car adding a wheelchair to the mix and it must be so frustrating.
    I really hope it's good news about a car with hand controls. You're right. You have to try. Good luck x

  3. raisiebay

    I didn't have a car for years and it didn't bother me so much, I think it's the wheelchair that makes it worse, plus the fact that my daughter can't walk very far without pain.

  4. Merlinda

    I wish everything will be okay! Hope your husband will learn soon! Having to ride your own car is just so liberating in so many ways =( #wotw

  5. angiemwebster77

    It sounds so frustrating for you but good on you for doing it anyway despite the frustrations it would be too easy to not try and just stay at home like you said, I hope you find a car that suits and that you can put trips on public transport behind you. #WotW

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