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  1. shazjera

    I was looking out of the kitchen window this morning thinking how autumnal it feels now Anne. Love that you've bought some flowers/plants. The yellow of the lilies are uplifting 🙂 The flowers we bought this year for the decking were eaten by slugs (it's raised up quite high – guess it's a trek up the steps so in a way they deserve it hahaha). Pots of colour work just as well.

  2. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Anne, it's never too late to add a splash of colour to a garden, even if it is in pots. You've made a lovey choice with the lily (I am no gardener), it's a lovely colour. Similar to the sunset maybe?


  3. betty

    Potted flowers are the perfect remedy until you can make it a 'garden' in that spot. As for the sunset, it's a shame that photos never really capture the beauty we see with our eyes. But sometimes, I feel like I have to try!

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