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  1. Bear and Cardigan

    Love the contents of your fridge! We always had two fridges and I still have two freezers. I've heard that coffee stays fresher longer in the fridge and I do keep "real" coffee at Christmas in it. I was just going to look up a cookie recipe to make with Besr! Going to make these now #Blogtober16

  2. Northumberland Mam

    I keep forgetting you have older children….It sounds like two fridges are needed!
    The contents of your fridges sound brilliant!
    I don't keep eggs in the fridge either or ketchup….lol
    The cookies sound great!

  3. karmaqueen2000

    I totally love cranberry cheese. Those cookie are so cute. I have a big tub of sprinkles left over from decorating my daughters birthday cake, I think they would work well for these.

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