What’s in My Handbag?

Today’s prompt for Blogtober16 is ‘What’s in my Handbag?’

I bravely decided to show you what’s in my bag with a little video.
I’m not a vlogger so this is out of my comfort zone

Just in case you don’t have two minutes to watch here’s a quick list;

A Key
A make up bag
My hairbrush
A pad
BB Cream
Hospital Appointment Letter
A packet of raisins
Key ring clock.

There are also some things missing;

My car keys because my other half had to fetch something from the car and didn’t return them.
My pen, which often goes missing.
Receipts, I’ve normally got a ton of them but I had a clear out just the other day.
Parma Violets, I love these little sweets and they keep my breath fresh without making me smell of mint.
Chocolate, but of course, it’s never there for long.
Pencils for the kids, you never know when they are going to get bored!
sweet wrappers, which always end up in my bag if there is no bin nearby
Baby Wipes, always handy
Tissues, used and unused. I think I have these in my coat pocket instead today.


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