What’s the Last Thing My Child Needed?

I’ve been asked to think about what the last thing my child needed. Well, I do have three young children and they are always needing things. Generally, it’s food, or comfort or just attention. It’s only natural to want to provide for your child and give them whatever they need to grow into adults and find their way in the world.

My children rely on me to provide their food. It’s not a hard thing to do, each week I go shopping and fill the cupboards and fridge with the things we need.Then I prepare and cook their food for them.

In Zimbabwe, drought means that there are very little crops and food to feed the families. Old fashioned farming methods did not help them either. World Vision helped to provide them with Cattle which in turn gives them fertilizer as well as meat and milk. Not relying on the rain so much has helped to feed many families. 

My children need to go to school. It’s important for them to get an education and have hope for their future. They are lucky that they have good schools to attend with lots of learning resources. They may complain sometimes and even want to stay at home, but they know that they need to learn. They would be lost without their school and all their friends and really just the chance to be children and do what children do.

In Lidita, Ethiopia, the children had to go to work to support their families.There was poor sanitation and lots of disease. Now, there are schools well equipped and the children can stay at school while the parents have been helped to set up business and sanitation has been improved. With lots of thanks to World Vision.

But the time when I know my children really need me is when they wake at night, maybe after a bad dream or feeling unwell. No matter how big they get still need a cuddle and reassurance that everything is going to be okay. All through life they will be my children and I will be there to support and love them unconditionally. We are so lucky we live in a world where there is peace and understanding. Were there are droughts or violence and war. Where we have clean water and bathrooms and food on the table. Even when times get rough with illness or money worries, we cannot compare to the suffering of other’s in Third World or war torn countries.

We spend a lot caring for our children’s needs but could we also go a little further and Sponsor a Child With World Vision.

If you would like to know more about World Vision Child Sponsorship or help promote the campaign please visit the Blog For #OURKIDSWV Child Sponsorship Campaign page and get involved.

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