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  1. mummyhereandthere

    Awwww lovely treats, good luck with the exams, I bet he can relax a bit now that they are over X #wotw

  2. Reading Residence

    Ah, lovely treats all round. My girl's doing SATs this week, too, and I have been pleased with how much her school down plays it all, in fact she doesn't even know she's doing SATs x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. cheryl

    A week that definitely calls for treats. I hope Star feels better about the whole experience. How interesting that the hospital has fidget spinners on hand. What a lovely idea to reward the girls with a shopping spree. And good for you treating yourself too. I used to have a holiday job working in a shop that sold harem pants. Most comfortable work wear I've ever had. #wotw

  4. Jane

    I think those treats were needed. Ethan gets stressed in the car like that. I wonder if it's because he thinks we are lost?

  5. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Anne, it is wrong that they test children so young. Pressure and stress aren't the way to encourage children to learn. Learning through fun and play is a far better approach in my opinion. …It sounds as if Star was well and truly pushed to her limit, I hope it was all worth it though and that you get a diagnosis! … I love the Littlest Pet Shop toys, we still have a storage box full of them as there is no way I'm letting those go, even though at 17, my daughter would be more than happy to!…… Loose fitting trousers and comfy shoes are the secret to feeling good and looking casual in the warmer weather. I hope you treated yourself to several pairs!

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


  6. optrixxaris1

    Treats all round sounds good to me. I had to have my bloods tested constantly throughout my pregnancies and know you get used to them. If you'd told my former self that I'm not sure I'd believe that though. Some people are much better than others. #WotW

  7. angiemwebster77

    I'm so glad you treated yourself as well as the children. It's too easy for us mums to put ourselves right at the bottom of the pile isn't it. #WotW

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