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  1. Little Orange Dog

    I honestly never knew you could make your own slime. I mean I am obviously distressed for you Anne, finding the stuff all over your home, but I'm also impressed that you can do DIY slime. Oh and wow! How awesome is that cake? You have a very talented girl on your hands there #MMBC x

  2. cheryl

    We have had a few slime making weekends. Amazing stuff to make and play with. So far I've contained the activity to the kitchen. It is messy stuff. The cake decorating is lovely. She is obviously enjoying making the cake and being on the video. #MMBC

  3. LeilaB

    My children love slime. Anything to entertain them. But I actually never made any myself. Both my children love youtube . Happy holiday!

  4. Nicole

    Wow! I've made slime with hair conditioner and cornflour, but now you've given me an idea of how I can use all the excess lotion in our house. That's such a better idea since we always use our hair conditioner- for our hair.


  5. Tubbs

    Really not loving the slime at all. I think the foot would have come down by now – slime would be confined to certain spaces. Like not my living room, bedroom or near my person …

  6. Northumberland Mam

    hehehe! My youngest has been wanting to make slime for months….She watches the YouTube videos too the little weirdo. We are going to make some over the summer holidays sometime. I might try the Body Lotion Slime. What a great use for all those left over bottles x

  7. lukeosaurusandme

    Slime is the best! My boy loved it when he was a toddler and still loves it now! You just can't beat it.

  8. Rachel

    Oh don't get me started on slime! It's now band in my house! Every week slime is being made using different ingredients each time. Each one fails.

  9. Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

    We have never made slime but Matt got some silly putty in his Christmas stocking that is nicely spread everywhere (walls, carpets, toys etc)

  10. Alana - Burnished Chaos

    Thankfully the slime craze hasn't hit our house yet but that cake looks amazing, very talented x

  11. mommyhomemanager

    I keep seeing these slime recipes EVERYWHERE. They sound so fun, but I'm sure the stuff gets everywhere. EW.

  12. hjsburnett

    My 9 year old is OBSESSED with slime! We have made it with Borax too…but I was just told yesterday that Borax is TOXIC (DAMNIT)!!!! We have also made it with Staflow & glue, shaving cream & contact solution. Good times with slime…Just kidding. I hate slime.
    And now I have a huge box of toxic Borax…


  13. jaxbest

    I would hate to climb into a bed with slime… Yuck 🙂 As for the cake watching, my girls love watching you tube clips of cakes and cupcakes being made. Isn't it the cutest… #globalblogging

  14. The Thrifty Campers

    Haha your daughter sounds like quite a character with quite an imaginative mind. Have to admit the story you shared where the slime went up the stairs and was all over the kitchen like an explosion it amusing. Very interesting how different things have a way with calming one down. Thanks for sharing?

  15. tinmccarthy

    You sure you araent talking about my kid here! Oh the Utube videos. Mind numbing,
    Thanks for linking up to #globalblogging

  16. Jayne @ SMABL

    Haha! It's all about the slime lately isn't it?! The body lotion recipe is genius, will have to try that one out.

    Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC. Hope to see you Monday x

  17. wendy

    Umm. .homemade slime? I'm definitely getting my son involved in this, I'm one of those strange mums who actually loves messy play! We haven't got to the YouTube phase yet, unless you count watching countless episodes of pepp pig!xx #blogcrush

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