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  1. cheryl

    Such good news for Star. What a long wait. Nice to cross out a few options too. Fingers crossed that the stomach problem is sorted soon. Hope the news on your condition improves soon. Good job you've sorted out the dictation. I for one would miss you. #wotw

  2. Northumberland Mam

    I hope you get some good news when you see your consultant…Getting some sleep is great news though!
    Yay that you got your car back….I hope you can drive soon.
    Ahh! That is fantastic news about Star. It must be such a relief for you! The poor love has really been through it. I'm glad her neck isn't causing her problems. I hope her stomach problems are fixed soon.
    hehehe! Hooray with the dictation. I can't imagine my life without your blog in it. xx

  3. Reading Residence

    That is great news, such a relief for you all. Here's hoping her appointment goes well, too. I do hope you get your appointment and treatment pushed through and get some answers. How clever of you to have sorted blog dictation, too, I wouldn't have a clue! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  4. Our Little Escapades

    Sorry to read about your health. I hope the consultant can help you with treatment. Fantastic news for Star. Waiting for results are horrible. I'm glad you have your car back. Ours is being fixed and I really miss it. I hope next week brings lots of good news for you #WotW

  5. angiemwebster77

    I'm sorry to hear about your health deteriorating Anne, you are such a strong lady. I hope the doctor can offer some treatment that will help. What wonderful news about Star though, I can imagine it's been such a worrying time for you all. So glad you have got your car back so you can get out and about again. Have a goof weekend x

  6. liquoriceuk

    I'm so sorry to hear that you had bad news regarding how quickly your condition is progressing and I really hope that you can find some other treatment that will help slow down the progression. Good news for Star this week though and so glad that she is doing so well x #WotW

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