Ok it may have disappeared right now, but my word of the week this week is SUN!

We spent the entire bank holiday weekend stuck indoors with the curtains drawn, blocking out the sun and the neighbours having fun in their gardens. We were sick! It just kept coming as one after another we were knocked out by a sickness bug.

We knew the sun was out there though and it made us feel even more miserable.

The kids went back to school on Tuesday, and then it was into the garden when they came home. Making the most of the sunshine.

I was still ill but I had to go to the GP. The surgery is only at the end of our street and I felt so poorly as I got into my wheelchair to go, wishing I didn’t have to. But, once I was outside and I breathed in the fresh air and soaked up some sunshine, it made me feel better, like a skin absorbed tonic.

Yesterday, Graham had to go to a friends funeral so I had to pick up the kids from school. I actually enjoyed the journey in my chair. It was a little cooler but still sunny and the trip turned out really good. We even stopped off for ice cream on the way home.

The sun is hidden behind some thick cloud at the moment, but I do hope it returns soon. We have some catching up to do.

How has your week been?


The Reading Residence



Two of my littlies have had trips this week and the other has had a letter about her residential trip.

First was Star who went to the NEC for the Big Bang Science Fair. She didn’t really tell me much about it, but I can tell she had a good time because she came home in a really good mood. She was also very tired and achy so an earlier night was in order. She went on Wednesday 14th which was PI day, or Pie Day, take your pick, but I know which Pie I prefer.

It was also the day that Stephen Hawkings passed away. How he lived for so long with such a debilitating illness I’ll never know, but he had such wisdom, not just scientific but incredibly humanistic too. This week was also the third anniversary of the death of Sir Terry Pratchett, and I had been a fan of his for many years. He said that a man would not die so long as his name was spoken. I’m sure the names Sir Terry Pratchett and Professor Stephen Hawking will be spoken for a very long time to come.

On Thursday it was the Little Man’s trip to the Museum and Art Gallery. Again, it was difficult to get him to tell me anything about the trip but his teacher said he was very well behaved which pleased me. I didn’t really worry about him playing up while they were out because whenever we go out anywhere he behaves really well, often better than the girls. His behaviour in the classroom is a different story though.

Finally, Boo is off on a residential trip in June, of course she has to wait until after the dreaded SATS. The school is closed tomorrow for teacher training, but they’ve asked Boo’s year to go in for extra SATS tuition. I’ve declined. I will let her have an hour on EdPlace instead.

Not trip related but a bit of a mum boast. Today Star was invited to spend the afternoon eating pizza and watching a Harry Potter movie, yes, they called it ‘Pizza and Potter.’ It was a reward for fifteen children from her school year for great behaviour in the last term. I think it’s a lovely incentive for the children, but I do hope they give the children plenty of opportunity to be chosen. I know that Star has difficulty in school sometimes so being rewarded like this will be good for her.

How has your week been?

The Reading Residence


 a frosty icicle bubble

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

So a lot of things have happened this week but how could my word be anything other than cold! I know most of the country will be feeling the same.

I think we may have got off lightly with a lot of the weather, I may be eating my words by the time this is posted, but we haven’t had a huge amount of snow, just an relentless flurry of the white stuff. It has been so, so cold though.

On Monday I had to go and pick up the kids from school in my wheelchair. There was a slight flutter of snow but it wasn’t sticking around. It was, however, incredibly cold and chilly and it didn’t matter how wrapped up I was I still felt the bite.

I vowed not to go out again this week, but on Wednesday I had to pop to the end of the street to the GP surgery, again in my wheelchair, again in the flutter of snow that didn’t settle.

I’m so lucky that my house is warm, we have only a slight draft in the living room but if we draw the curtains we don’t feel it, and we haven’t had the heating on that much during the daytime. All the bedrooms are cosy except for the Little Man’s room and he has a big duvet to keep him warm. If he gets too cold he can always come and cuddle with me, I won’t mind.

I look at the news and see how awful it’s been almost everywhere else and feel quite lucky. Yes, it’s freezing cold but we’ve had little in the way of transport disruption and the school has been open all week. The kids finally have a snow day today, I’m just glad they don’t have to go out in the cold.

My fingers are tightly crossed that the Beast from the East and Storm Emma are soon packing there bags and leaving our country alone.

Keep warm everyone, and don’t go out unless you really have to x

The Reading Residence
p.s. Don’t you think the photo I’ve used is beautiful. I love Unsplash for free images, there are so many gorgeous photos to choose from.

photo: krista-mcphee on Unsplash
The kids don’t go back to school until next Wednesday and despite keeping their usual bedtime they have been getting up later and later. The Little Man still wakes up but he’s been getting into bed with me for a cuddle. The girls have not been getting up until about 8am (which, believe it or not, is really late for them, especially Star who is normally a 6am starter!) So, I’m been getting a little extra time in bed each morning. 
I’ve been suffering really bad fatigue lately, not sure why. When I get tired I get really tired and can fall asleep at the drop of a hat. I’ve dropped off at the lap top several times, and reading a book, crocheting and watching television. I guess that’s nothing unusual, but the other day I dropped off in the sink while attempted to wash my hair with the shower head. Thankfully, I was wise enough to realise I wasn’t fit enough to take a shower, I’d have hated to fall asleep in there, I may have fallen off my stool! I went out for the first time since Christmas Eve yesterday and fell asleep in the car, luckily, I wasn’t driving!
I was so tired that I slept through Storm Eleanor, despite her breaking my glass topped garden table!
My day out was a trip to Dreams where my son purchased a new bed for himself. We spent a lot of time browsing the beds. I’ve decided that I’d like one with two separately controlled adjustable beds, but hubby fancies one that has a tv hidden away in the bottom. I don’t really like televisions in the bedroom, but if it means he doesn’t have to watch football downstairs then it’s worth it. The kids liked my adjustable beds and got really quite comfortable in them. Star has decided that she wants a Tempur Cloud mattress for her bed costing around £1000 for a single mattress! ….mmmmm…..if she would like to spend more time in it, it may be worth it. (or not!) 
I think our bedroom could do with a serious makeover, but we won’t have the finances this year, I’ll just have to keep dreaming! (see what I did there?) 
The Reading Residence

My trees heavy with snow with more snow falling and the sky a white blur!

This is my garden on Sunday Morning last week. It’s so blurry because the snow was still falling. It’s hard to capture snow fall on camera.

And our car on Sunday Evening. It stayed like this for three days then hubby had to sweep off the snow so he could go out. I’m just glad I didn’t have to go anywhere.

Have you had any snow?

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