Beating the January Blues with Office Narnia

What’s your work space like? Do you have room to yourself? Do you share with others? Do you work from home. I’ve always preferred working with others so we can chat while working, mostly about the stuff we’d rather be doing than working.
Now I work from home, although I don’t really consider it working, but I do put plenty of hours in on this little blog of mine. Even so, I do often find my mind wandering to other things and places. How I would love a view out of my window, something other than a soggy garden and a shed. I’d love to be able to look out on rolling countryside, or to see the sea from my window. Now that would be just perfect and I’d be happy to work all day.
Now imagine having a magic filing cabinet that you could transport you to anywhere you wanted to be. What would be your office Narnia? Where would you go to beat the January blues?
I’m thinking, sitting by the poolside reading a book, not too hot, but warm and breezy. It would have to be quiet too, the pool could be empty, but I like to be near water. Maybe the pool could be a private one in a mansion, high in the hills with rolling countryside all around. I would pick up my book, read a few pages, then lie back and just relax. Drinks would arrive when I was thirsty and food when I was hungry. I’d have nothing to worry about, I could stay there all day. See how easy it is to let your imagination run away with you.

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  1. January 13, 2018 / 11:38 am

    I think I would head off to the beach Anne! I do live in the countryside, but I don't get to appreciate how quiet it is around us with my two little scamps! And I could do with giving my workspace a revamp.

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. Have a fab weekend x

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