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  1. Plutonium Sox

    Oh dear, what a nightmare! We always manage to agree on the same meal but there’s only four of us and it always takes some debate so I’m sure it’s much harder with more of you! Popping over from Deb’s lovely #keepingitreal link up.x

  2. Catie: Spectrum Mum

    We have the same issue in our house, take outs always involve several options and then someone usually ends up preferring mine ? Sorry to hear about Salem. #keepingitreal

  3. Cheryl | Time To Craft

    My children dream of having pizza delivered, but we are too far away from town. Only choice around here for takeaways are fish and chips or chinese. Still quite a drive to a decent one. I envy your choice, although it sounds like it comes with its own complications. So sorry to hear about Salem. They leave such a gap, but lots of good memories. #keepingitreal

  4. Debbie

    Hi Anne, I love this peep into your life… I really felt for you when I read that you lost Salem. Losing a pet is never easy and knowing when to make that final call is the hardest. Every time I read that someone has lost a pet, I can’t help remembering the pets we’ve said goodbye to… I love your takeout night, it reads a little like a takeout night in our house and we only ever get from the souvlaki shop (lack of choice). The positive of a circus night is you always get to look back and laugh.

    Thank you for linking up with #keepingitreal.


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