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  1. MotherGeek

    Aww! Well done Boo! My daughter is 6 and heading for Y2 in Sep. She’s classed as a “Young carer” due to her brother’s and her dad’s care needs. She is amazing and also always befriends the children who need a little more support. Maybe it’s a special needs sibling thing? Either way, it looks like Boo has had an amazing Year 6 and is a total credit to you 🙂

    • Anne Sweet

      I think it definitely is a SEND sibling thing. Her sister is autistic and Boo has 3 autistic friends at school, her other friend is profoundly deaf. She is truly caring x

  2. Debbie

    Hi Anne, it’s lovely that the class got treated for doing well in their SATs and what better way than getting out in nature. Boo is far braver than me, you wouldn’t get me abseiling for love nor money. I like having two feet on the ground. And as for that tumbling tower? How fun and team building… Boo sounds a wise girl too, sometimes it can take a lifetime to realise that people who are different are far more interesting!


  3. Susan Mann

    Way to go Boo, that is awesome. I felt the same with my son earlier this year, it’s a big step but was so proud. Love the photos and sounds like she’s ready for the next step. Hope you have a great summer xxx

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