I’m So Tired


Last week I was waiting, mostly for the school holidays to begin, well I’m waiting no more. Although it may have been silly of me to expect a little longer in bed in the morning. It’s the Little Man now, he likes to get up around 6-6.30am.

And I’m tired.

I’ve tried going to bed earlier but the heat means it takes me a while to go to sleep. Also, one of our neighbours has barking dogs that seem to go on all night.

I keep falling asleep during the day, but that’s no allowed. For some reason every member of my family believes it is their duty to make sure I stay awake all day. Seriously! If I fall asleep I get woken up to words such as ‘Mum, you fell asleep!’ Or ‘Anne, you fell asleep, do you want a coffee?’ Why don’t they realise I’ve fallen asleep because I am tired? Or is that too difficult to understand.


I was so looking forward to my IVIG this week. I’d had a really rough weekend where I’d barely been able to do anything (well, apart from the cooking, washing, cleaning etc.) I was also thinking that my tiredness might be due to the sudden worsening of my condition.

I went along to the hospital for my appointment and I immediately felt a wave of tiredness envelope me before I’d even had the cannula put in. I managed to stay awake though and then when my infusion was up and going I pulled out my phone and headphones and put on an audio book. I’m listening to Sherlock Holmes read by Stephen Fry. Within minutes I was fast asleep.

There is nothing wrong with falling asleep in the hospital, a lot of the patients do it. But I was woken up by the nurse calling my name, then asking me a daft question which I know I’d already answered. It felt like I was at home, being woken up for no reason. Then it dawned on me. What if I was snoring loudly? I know I get woken up at home to be told I was snoring, so maybe the nurse woke me because I was snoring? I was too embarrassed to ask.


Last night I went to bed early and the dogs where not barking. I fell asleep straight away and although Graham woke me when he came to bed I wasn’t awake for long. The Little Man came in at 6am and I was still tired so I persuaded him to climb into bed with me for another 1/2 hour.

I’m not sure if it helped though. I’m still feeling tired today. Maybe I need more than one fairly good night?

It may be the heat, I’m sure it causes fatigue. My tiredness is not like normal tiredness, it creeps up on me suddenly and it’s so hard to ignore. I’ve fallen asleep watching television, on the laptop, while crocheting, and I’ve struggled to stay awake while eating, while in the car (as a passenger, I’m not driving at the moment) and even while on the loo!


I’m hoping my plans for the rest of the week will help to keep me awake. I have a birthday cake to make and decorate for Boo, she wants a rabbit themed cake and has already made a little fondant rabbit topper.

I have some shopping to do and we are off to the supermarket this afternoon.

Friday we are having a birthday tea for Boo and a couple of her friends. It is not a party, just some party food and cake.

I also plan to sort out the bedrooms, we have a new chest of drawers for the girls room that we can’t fit in at the moment because of all the toys that they don’t even look at any more. Yes, it’s definitely time for a big clear out.

My word of the week this week is tiredness, but with so many plans I am hoping to shake it off!

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  1. July 25, 2018 / 4:33 pm

    Anne, next time you want to take a nap, put a sign on your chest: Do Not Disturb – Yes, I Know I Fell Asleep and No, I Don’t Want Coffee, I Want to Sleep!

    • July 27, 2018 / 2:38 pm

      Jean, I was just about to suggest the exact same thing. Good minds think alike! Maybe a mask to scare them away or a distraction of a sweetie hunt so you can disappear? You’ll think of something I’m sure #WotW

      • July 27, 2018 / 10:44 pm

        Great ideas ladies, I’ll bear them in mind. 🙂

  2. July 27, 2018 / 12:59 pm

    Why can’t they just let you sleep??! It’s definitely harder to sleep well in the heat, but then if you need a nap, you should be able to take a nap. Sounds like you have a busy week planned next week so I do hope you manage some rest to recharge x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • July 27, 2018 / 10:45 pm

      Sometimes being busy is just what you need to ward off the tiredness, I hope so anyway. x

  3. July 27, 2018 / 2:53 pm

    Oh gosh! It does sound like you are tired….It must be so frustrating to not get enough sleep. I have been very lucky so far these holidays that my girls have been sleeping in.
    Happy birthday to Boo & good luck with the clear out x

    • July 27, 2018 / 10:46 pm

      Thanks Kim. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to sleep in, my 30 year old still doesn’t sleep through the night! x

  4. July 28, 2018 / 10:50 am

    Hi Anne, OooOOooo that tired feeling is really naff, especially when it’s ongoing. On the whole, I do have quite a healthy sleep routine and never need to set an alarm, but it only takes a couple of bad nights or a change in routine and I can find myself nodding off anytime I’m sat down. Once I’m back in my routine again, I’m fine… The heat can be draining too… This month my sister and her family are over for a few weeks and whilst I love seeing them, I’ll feel it in the sleep department… Can’t you start wearing a do not disturb tee-shirt?… Barking dogs are the worst. Ours do bark at times, usually at cats, but for that reason, they are never outside at night (and I’ve told them that too)… I love the fact you barely doing anything means you did everything”! The life of a Mum. No time for illness to get in the way!… Can’t you feel it if you’ve been snoring? My daughter is a terrible snorer but knows when she has been snoring badly by the numbness in her throat (the plan is for her to have her tonsils and adenoids out this winter)… I hope Boo had a nice birthday tea, who needs a party when there’s birthday food?… I hope you beat the tiredness soon, maybe when the heat breaks?

    Thank you for popping over and sharing your week on #keepingitreal.


  5. July 28, 2018 / 1:14 pm

    Hope you find a burst of energy soon – I’ve been nodding off in strange places too. The bath seems to be my spot of choice at the moment. #wotw

  6. July 28, 2018 / 3:52 pm

    Oh tiredness how I know it well. My condition means that if I’ve overdone it at the sweet stuff I can experience tiredness. #mmbc

    • July 28, 2018 / 9:37 pm

      Returning via #TriumphantTales

  7. July 28, 2018 / 9:39 pm

    oops #keepingitreal

  8. July 29, 2018 / 12:29 pm

    It is tough going, u frequently.need a nap as I get warn out mentally.with stuff so feel your pain. Sending love to you X #wotw

  9. July 29, 2018 / 4:10 pm

    Tiredness is a bitch isn’t it?! I’ve been feeling more lethargic the past few days, but this heat certainly doesn’t help! We have had a massive downpour here and I feel much better now the air is fresh. My kiddies never lie in either! I could do with a holiday for just catching up on some kip! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. xx

  10. August 2, 2018 / 10:26 pm

    I don’t know how I missed your post last week Anne ! I hope you have felt a bit better this week, I get bouts of fatigue when my diabetes isn’t under control, it’s so hard to function let alone keep a home and family running x

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A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

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