The Dinosaur Craft Book

The Dinosaur Craft Book by Laura Minter and Tia Williams.

A meteoric craft book from the amazing award-winning bloggers Little Button Diaries

Front cover of the Dinosaur Craft Book, 15 Things a Dino fan can't do without
  • Paperback: 54 Pages
  • Authors: Laura Minter and Tia Williams
  • ISBN: 978178944841
  • Publisher: GMC Publications
  • Publication Date: November 2018
  • Price: £5.99 on Amazon

The Blurb

Out of the pre-historic mists emerges two mighty terrors that will stupefy and astound! It’s the award wining Little Button Diaries bloggers and crafting mums Laura Minter and Tia Williams who return this season with an amazing children’s craft book for all dino-mad kids out there – The Dinosaur Craft Book!

These pages have all the items your little budding palaeontologists and dinosaur hunters could dream of – whether they want to study dinosaurs or BE dinosaurs this book has it all. Containing 15 different dinosaur themes projects to make, the Dinosaur Craft Book will get your little ones crafting and creating in no time. Aimed and boys and girls aged 3+ years all of the projects can be made either from readily available items or from easy-to-source materials. Parents can have little to no crafting experience to help. As well as dinosaur costumes to wear and essential accessories,t here is also an epic Volcano Cake, perfect for any Party-saurus! Projects include: Dinosaur Paws, Pterodactyl Wings, and adorable snugglesaurus Cushion, a Spino Dino Cape, a Fundy Triceratops Pen Pot and a matching Magnetic dinosaur themed Pen Case.

So get ready to hunt down some terrible lizards with The Dinosaur Craft Book because there’s a Giganotosaurus amount of fun to be had with this book.

Our Verdict

Having reviewed some Little Button Diaries Craft books before, like The Pirate Craft Book and The Super Hero Craft Book. We were keen to take a look at the Dinosaur Craft Book.

As usual with these books the features we love such as big bright colourful photos and easy step-by-step instructions were on every page. However, with this book there are a bigger number of activities where the children can get involved. 

My Little Man is super keen to make a Papier-mâché mini jurassic land. This looks super fun and doesn’t need loads of materials that you probably don’t have lying around. The only thing you might need to buy is some green felt.

For younger children the footprint stamps look super easy and fun and great for the little ones to get involved.

I was taken back to the 70s with the nail and string art. This one is a little more complicated but I’d loved to make a board for my older girls to have a go at ‘stringing’ a picture. 

As always, the book ends with some great party ideas including decorations, games and food and fabulous Volcano Cake. Brilliant if you are planning a Dinosaur themed party. 

Disclosure: I was sent this book to review which I have done honestly.

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  1. November 11, 2018 / 11:47 am

    Oh how I miss all this Anne. The Dinosaur Craft Book really does look like a lot of fun!

    Thank you for linking #TalkoftheTown

  2. November 11, 2018 / 8:42 pm

    What a fab book for young crafters and dinosaur fans!

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A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

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