We love a good puzzle book, we also love colouring books. The Jumbo Book of Hidden Pictures is the best of both worlds.

Paperback: 256 pages
Age Range: 6 – 9 years
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1629798266
ISBN-13: 978-1629798264
Product Dimensions: 21.4 x 1.5 x 27.6 cm

The Blurb

Often imitated, never equalled, Highlights™ Hidden Pictures® puzzles have delighted children―and adults―for over 70 years. This jumbo book is packed with more than 175 favourite Hidden Pictures® puzzles drawn in the classic Highlights™ black-and-white style along. Each puzzle is carefully designed to engage and entertain children while honing their concentration skills and attention to detail. With more than 1,5000 things to find, this is an ideal gift for all ages.

pages from the colouring book.

Our Verdict

This is a great colouring book, the pages are thick and will withstand felt tip pens as well as pencils. Although, pencils are always our favourite type of colouring instrument. There are so many different pages to colour, most of them over two pages. There are easy pictures to colour and more difficult ones so a great range for the younger and older children (and adults.)

As well as the colouring there are so many things to find within the pictures which add the puzzle element. You can either find the items before you start colouring, or do as we like to do and find them while you are colouring.

We loved how the book is full of surprises like pigs riding unicycles and kangaroos visiting the moon. There are lots of other funny scenes too.  There are very cleverly hidden objects like teacups, bananas, slices of pie, pencils and so much more.

A great book of entertainment for those ‘bored’ moments. And fabulous for taking on long car journeys.

You can buy this book on Amazon for £9.37 (regular price £11.99)

pages from the colouring book

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Quantum Physics for Kids (and Adults)

Everything around us is composed of very small subatomic particles. The laws of physics does not apply to these tiny particles so a new set of theories was applied, quantum physics.

Despite quantum physics being part of our daily lives it still remains a mystery for most people.

This is not an academic book but it’s a fantastic introduction to subject of quantum physics for children aged 8 and above (and their parents.)

Hardcover: 48 pages
Publisher: Button (7 April 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1787080102
ISBN-13: 978-1787080102
Product Dimensions: 25.5 x 1.1 x 25.8 cm

The Blurb

Everything in the universe- including light, water, air planets, buildings, animals and people – is made of minute particles. Quantum physics is the science off these tiny particles. The discoveries made in quantum physics have been the driving force behind technological advances ranging from mobile phones to lasers and medical imaging. Without it, most to he technology we take for granted simply wouldn’t exist.

Quantum physics also pushes us to the boundaries of what we know about science, reality and the structure of the universe. In the quantum world particles do strange things, and act totally unlike the objects we experience in day-to-day life. How can atoms exist in two places at once? And just how can a cat be dead and alive at the same time? Find out more with this entertaining illustrated guide to the fascinating world of quantum physics.

First Thoughts

The book is hardback and the pages are thick paper, so this book will last and keep looking good. Each page is packed with diagrams to go along with the text. It makes the explanations of such a difficult  subject very easy to digest.

The book is attractive and inviting, and hopefully it will encourage children to explore this amazing world of quantum physics.

My Verdict

I admit that I do feel intrigued by the world of quantum physics but many feel it’s a complicated subject. This book makes it interesting for the younger generation to grasp and also explains it in an easier manner for adults to get to grips with the ideas behind the theories. Even things that are a complete puzzle to scientists, like anti-matter, have a place in this book and are explained in the simplest terms.

The theory of Schrodinger’s Cat is probably one of the most famous. It’s all about collapsing reality, until you look at the cat in the box there is a 50/50 chance that it is alive or dead. So we can say it’s alive and dead at the same time. But once you look you force nature to decide whether the cat is dead or alive and reality collapses.

Okay, maybe Schrodinger’s Cat is a bit of a mind blower, but at least the explanation is simplified.

The quantum timeline, colourful and illustrated, is great for working out the history of discoveries. Going back as far as 1864 when Maxwell presented his equations on electromagnetism, to 1915 when Einstein presented his theory of relativity.

Overall, I would say this is a very interesting book for all ages for a simplified peek at a very complex subject.

You can buy this book on Amazon, normally priced at £12.99 it’s currently on offer for only £11.34

Paperback: 192 pages
Age Range: 9 – 12 years
Publisher: Liberty Street (7 Mar. 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1683307763
ISBN-13: 978-1683307761
Product Dimensions: 15.2 x 1 x 22.9 cm

Heroes of Black History is a book from Time for Kids Magazine and is intended as an educational book for children aged 9 -12 years. Having a 10 yr old and a 12 yr old I thought they’d find this interesting.

First Impressions

Although a paperback this is not a flimsy book and the pages are thick and glossy. The cover shows clearly the four black American’s that the book is about. Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, and Barack Obama. This gives a good example of what heroes actually mean as they are all so different.

The text is written in a large font making it easier for younger readers to read alone and the information is given in small chunks so it’s easier to digest.

The photos enhance the reading experience.

The Blurb

American History is filled with heroes who fought for freedom and democracy. In the pages of this book, you’ll meet four champions in the struggle for equal rights: Harriet Tubman, A woman of Courage, Jackie Robinson, Strong Inside and Out, Rosa Parks, Civil Rights Pioneer and Barack Obama, First African-American President.

With an introduction by civil rights icon Charlayne Hunter-Gault, this collection shines a light on the men and women who made America great. Alongside each biography, you’ll find detailed time lines and illustrations that bring the story to life. You’ll witness the strength, courage and determination of four great Americans who stood tall in the face of injustice.

My Verdict

I’ve never really taken much time to learn about American history so I found out a lot that I hadn’t known before. I enjoyed learning alongside my kids who found the book interesting and were keen to read more. I think this is great for what is considered an educational text book. A great, interesting read with some really interesting photographs to boost.

There are also some great illustrations which bring the book to life. There are illustrated time lines so you can understand when the things described happened.

I think that everyone knows who Barack Obama was but it was still interesting to read all about his roots and how his life led up to him being President. In the UK the other figures are probably less well known. Harriet Tubman was an incredibly brave woman who led hundreds of slaves to their freedom. Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play baseball for a league team. This was actually illegal at the time because sports were segregated. And Rosa Parks was a civil rights campaigner who hated segregation.

As well as the main stories there are also boxes which give extra information on what it was like during that time for instance, the history of baseball and the Harlem Renaissance.

We all enjoyed this book and learning about the History of American Heroes.

Heroes of Black History can be purchased on Amazon for £8.25


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glossy cover of superhero craft book featuring children dressed up as superheros

Author : Laura Minter and Tia Williams
ISBN13 : 9781784944070
Binding : Booklet
Pages : 64
Photographs : 150 photographs
Series Title : Little Button Diaries


The Superhero Craft Book is perfect for bringing your little superheros to life. The award winning Little Button diaries bloggers Laura Minter and Tia Williams do it again with another book of fabulous crafts.

First Impressions

I’ve reviewed Little Button Diaries craft books before, My Little Man has sailed away with The Pirate Craft Book and explored the outer realms with The Space Craft Book.

The Superhero Craft book has to my favourite yet. Who doesn’t have a child that wants to be a superhero? The book contains 15 projects to make and is aimed at children aged three and over. As before, the book is filled with bright glossy photos and easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

pages from the book showing how to make a magic shield from cardboard and duck tape

The Blurb

These pages have all the items your little superheroes will need to keep their secret identities hidden and help them save the day! Containing 15 super-themed projects to make, The Superhero Craft Book will get your little super-defenders crafting and creating in no time.

So suit up young caped crusaders, strap on  our utility belt and jet pack or don your cape and cowl and with the Superhero Craft book your little crime-fighters will be ready for any supervillain who comes their way!

pages from the books showing a little boy playing with some painted stones

I love this activity, my kids are big fans of story stones and here you can learn how to make your own superhero story stones and bag to keep them in.

My Verdict

Of course The Little Man just wants me to make everything. I’m not the craftiest of people, you won’t find me wallowing in glitter with a glue gun. But I do like helping my kids to make things, even if they never really turn out quite as fabulous as what other mum’s can produce. Having tried these books before I have to confess that some of the projects are beyond my talents, but it doesn’t mean I can’t have a try (and I’ve had a fair bit of success with the cakes!)

pages from the book featuring a lovely bright birthday cake with the word Pow on it

The crafts are intended for mums to make for their little superheroes. Fabulous additions to the dressing up box, or toy cupboard. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow and a lot of the stuff you need can be found around the house. However, I do tend to skip pass anything that requires a sewing machine. That’s just not my thing. A few things I really love in this book are, the superhero masks (yes, they require sewing by hand, but I can manage that,) the duck tape shield, and the bat night light. The latter may be a little over my skill set, but I really love it and so want to have a go. Also, on my to do list is the cake (you have to make the cake) and the supersonic car. The car, won’t, of course, look anything like the one in the book, but who can resist making things out of cardboard boxes?

These books always have some great ideas for parties and this one is no exception, kryptonite jelly anyone?

You can buy The Superhero Craft Book from the GMC Group for just £5.99

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Author: Jonathan Hennessey
Artwork: Jack McGowan
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications; 01 edition (7 Oct. 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0399578908
Product Dimensions: 17.8 x 1.5 x 25.4 cm
I was sent this book to review and I was really excited as many members of my family are big gamers and we have been gaming for many years. When I was a teenager consoles were just coming into use in homes and I had to play my games in arcades, which was no great difficulty as I worked in one! 
This book is so much fun and really interesting for any gamer no matter how long they have been gaming.

The Blurb

Author Jonathan Hennessey and illustrator Jack McGowan present the first full-colour, chronological origin story for this hugely successful, omnipresent artform and business in the form of a graphic novel. As he did with The Comic Book Story of Beer, Hennessey provides readers with everything they need to know about video games–from their early beginnings during World War II to the emergence of arcade games in the 1970s to the rise of Nintendo to today’s app-based games like Angry Birds and Pokemon Go. Hennessey and McGowan also analyse the evolution of gaming as an artform and its impact on society. Each chapter features spotlights on major players in the development of games and gaming. The result is an easily digestible, giftable package that contains everything that gamers and non-gamers alike need to understand and appreciate this incredible phenomenon.

My Verdict

I love this book, it’s easy to digest, fun and interesting. I may be biased as a gamer but I’m pretty sure it would be enjoyed by non-gamers too. It would make a great Christmas present. The book is Paperback but quite big and sturdy. The comic strip images remind me of the comics that were around when I was younger so a little more nostalgia to enjoy. It’s a great read for those who remember the old consoles (like me) and those that want to learn about the history of games. 


You can currently buy The Comic Book Story of Video Games on Amazon for just £13.44 (RRP £16.99) Do you know anyone who would enjoy this book?

Disclosure: I was sent this book to review from The GMC group, all thoughts and opinions are my own.