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    • Anne Sweet

      It’s a bit of a nightmare home at the moment. I wish this illness would go away already. Thankfully, the temporary filling are helping with the pain, but I’m scared of eating!

  1. chickenruby

    I do hope the children are feeling better and you managed to get to your hospital appointment. Sorry about the dental pain, fingers crossed you can get it sorted soon #keepingitreal

    • Anne Sweet

      We’re still in the sick house here and I’ve had to cancel my treatment for this month. I’ll need to find other ways to cope with the pain. At least I’ve my toothache to keep my mind off it! Ah, I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself now, it will all be fine eventually. x

  2. Susan Mann

    I love that blanket. Such gorgeous colours. Tooth pain is awful, big hugs. Such a shame the kids are poorly too. Fingers crossed you are able to get to the hospital. Sending love and hugs xx

  3. Enda Sheppard

    Toothache is the pits!!! We were virus city over Christmas, but luckily only our son came a real cropper. But all well now, in every sense!! Hope you all come good again ere too long!

  4. Catherine

    Sorry about the illness in your house. A nasty virus struck us all down too. After five weeks with somebody sick, today has finally been a normal day for everyone :o) I hope you get your toothache sorted soon, it can be extremely painful.


  5. Berni

    Your blanket looks lovely and finished just in time to sooth a pooly child. hope Boo and Star are feeling better and your tooth is now trouble free #keepingitreal

  6. Debbie

    Hi Anne, I tried watching Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events with my daughter, but really couldn’t get into it… There I was thinking that the week I had to wait for my dental appointment the other day was long.! Tooth pain is the worst. I only had my first proper toothache(apart from niggly wisdom teeth) a few years back, but it was excruciating and then I had a reaction to the material used to fill my tooth. Give me drug-free childbirth any day! It must be a right pain having to go in for proper surgery to remove your teeth, but at least you’ll be pain-free afterwards… Fingers crossed you didn’t catch the bug that struck down your family, treatment is important for you. Aren’t children at there sweetest when they are sick? As long as they aren’t too sick. Snuggling on the sofa passing the time watching films was something I secretly enjoyed… Hope they are all better now though.

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing with #keepingitreal.


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