Roller Coaster

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Maybe last week I was a little too optimistic. I can’t seem to pull my family out of this slump of misery. The little ones are okay, in fact they’ve just had a fun weekend. But the adults are all grumpy and sad. We are in proper ‘Bah Humbug’ mode.

Maybe it’s the onset of winter that’s caused it, maybe it’s because Christmas is creeping up. It’s always been a difficult time of year for us. 

I Go Up!

I am flitting from one mood to another. I’m happy because I have Christmas shopping done, even the food, including the turkey, is ordered. The kids are going to be overjoyed and I don’t think they’ll mind that they won’t have tons of presents to open, the ones they have are fabulous. The adults have also been bought some lovely gifts, I don’t think anyone will be disappointed this year.

I Go Down!

Then I’m sad because I can’t seem to help anyone feel happier. I am always trying to be positive, it’s important to start each day with a positive attitude otherwise you are just setting yourself up for a bad one. But am I really burying my head in the  sand and ignoring the problems just so I can say I’m positive? 

I’m not ignoring the problems, but I do feel as though I’ve exhausted any solutions I may have had. We go around and around in circles, the poison has been fed and I just can’t cleanse it, it won’t go away. It’s a ghost that haunts us forever.

Life is a roller coaster, you’ve just got to ride it! (Thanks Ronan.)

My cold is better, yay! I’m so glad to be rid of that. Sadly, all the illness I’ve had over the past couple of weeks have totally outed the good results I get from my IVIG treatment. Roll on next week for my next dose.

We haven’t had any more car accidents! Graham has his confidence back and is driving well but I’m still avoiding going out if I can. I’m a nervous wreck. I feel like I want my car back so I can drive myself again. That makes me nervous too, but at least I will be in control and it just might help me get over my fear. But the car is still in the garage and it looks like we may not get it back for a few more weeks.

We have the decorations up! Star and the Little Man really enjoyed putting the decorations on the tree and I haven’t changed it, it’s their work. Sadly, Boo was really upset we put it up without her. She’d gone for a fun day out with her friend and her  Mum. 

We had a fabulous day at Inflata Nation, a huge inflatable theme park which we were given tickets to review. It really is a lovely place and the kids were so excited. Sadly, Graham has started his neck hurting again from the bouncing (yes, adults are allowed in too!) And Star has hurt her foot, it was a risk taking her, but we can’t let her miss out on everything. She will heal, she generally does pretty quickly. 

This is all just the daily stuff and already you can see the roller coaster is affecting us. I guess it’s just life, but I would like to get off for a little break now please.

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Déjà vu

Last week I was back a the hospital to see a different Doctor. I almost got the times wrong but thankfully I checked at the last minute. I seem to be doing that a lot lately, getting times wrong and missing appointments. Or just simply forgetting to do something that I’d promised to do. Anyway, as usual I left the hospital feeling that it was ‘all in my head.’ Why do they do that, unless you are actually at death’s door Drs just don’t want to listen. I had symptoms of my illness for about three years before I lost the use of my legs, but no-one would listen. What if they had? Would I still be able to walk now? Why does it keep happening to me?

It also surprises me at how little attention my condition warrants from doctors. I mean, I have an ultra rare condition that barely any doctor has heard of. I have been diagnosed by a very reputable neurology consultant, it’s not something I made up. If I was a doctor I’d think, ‘ooh that’s interesting I’ve never heard of that, tell me more.’ But they show so little interest, they don’t even ask how it affects me. I sometimes wonder if they would show more interest if I gave it it’s original name Moersch and Woltman Syndrome, maybe Stiff Person Syndrome sounds a little naff to them. The Doctor I saw was also under the impression that I was still diagnosed as having Transverse Myelitis, maybe he knew what that was.

Grumble over, I am having further tests, just in case. Fingers crossed that the doctor is right and there is nothing to worry about. In the meantime I’m going to assume it’s all in my head, and use my head to stop it!

It Happened Again

On Saturday, me, Graham and the Little Man had to go and see a specialist doctor about our injuries from our car accident a month ago. The girls stayed home with their older siblings. We were at the surgery for about an hour, then did a little shopping before coming home.

Graham bought a packet of peanuts to eat in the car. He said the last time he bought peanuts was when we had our crash. I just had to point out that our crash also happened on a Saturday afternoon and there was just the three of us in the car.

Just a few minutes away from home, Graham stopped by a parked car because there was another car coming up the other way. Then, crash! Someone went straight into the back of us. Again! 

Thankfully, it was not as bad as our last crash and I did not need to be stretchered off in an ambulance. The Little Man was upset but unharmed, so there are always things to be thankful for. Tell that to the car hire company that is loaning us the brand new Mazda while our car is still being repaired from the last crash! 


As for the rest of the week, I’ve been pretty busy. As well as going out Friday and Saturday, I also had to go out on Monday and today, Tuesday. I think I may need the rest of the week being glued to my settee. That probably won’t happen though because today it’s treatment day so, as long as I avoid the side effects, I’ll probably be feeling pretty good for the next week or so. 

As well as going out I’ve also managed to finish two crochet projects. One is a Christmas present so I can’t show you that. But I’ll show you a pic of my blanket which took me ages. It’s a gorgeous soft wool and I love the colours. I crocheted it in diamonds and then had to sew them all together. It’s the first time I’ve done this type of project and I found it hard work. I am happy with though.

a crochet blanket in red, white and blue diamonds

Debs Random Writings

My Life in Films

I recently read a post by Thirsty Daddy where he had written the soundtrack to his life, choosing songs that meant something to him at the time.

I gave this some thought and it would have been really easy to do the same, but then I thought about the films I’d watched at certain times of my life and decided to give the idea a bit of a twist. 

The Films of my Life.

The Younger Years

Going way back to when I was little I loved musicals and films with lots of dancing. I guess it was my Mum and Dad’s influence but I loved the likes of Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly and Deanna Durbin. However, to define a moment in time it would have to be Saturday afternoons at a friend’s house watching Elvis Presley films. We’d watch with her brother and sisters, and her Dad who was a big fan. Then her Mum would come back from shopping with sweet treats for us all. I haven’t watched any of these films for years now, maybe it’s time for a catch up.


When we were fairly young, but old enough to go out alone, me and my cousins would go to the cinema on a Saturday afternoon. We would often watch animations like Peter Pan, but I remember going to see a brand new film, Pete’s Dragon which was a mix of animation and live action. I loved it and it was my favourite film for a long time. Sadly I’ve yet to watch the re-make. 

Pete’s Dragon 1977

Teenage Years

I remember when Star Wars first came out and there was no-one who wanted to go with me to the cinema to see it. I just knew I would love the film but I had to wait quite a while before I got to watch it. I’ve watched all the films now and my eldest son is a big fan. He’s read loads of the books too, and I may have read a couple myself. 

A year after Star Wars came Grease but this time I had someone willing to go with me to see it. I loved Grease, I even had John Travolta’s poster on my wall and I would sing along to the album every day. I think I probably still know all the words to ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You.’

Young Adult

Now this was the time I watched lots of films. We would visit the video rental store regularly and hire a film for the night. Sometimes, if the film was popular you had to reserve it, then hope that the person borrowing it would bring it back on time. Our video store would give us a quick call as soon as it was brought back.

Conan the Barbarian was a big favourite, along with Mad Max. I must have watched all the films several times and often sought out badly made rip-off type films. It seems like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mel Gibson have been around forever, much like John Travolta and Tom Cruise.

As for the cinema, there are two films that stick out for me. Ghostbusters and Gremlins. I actually went into town one evening with the hope of watching Ghostbusters but the queue to get in the cinema was humongous. My boyfriend said there was another cinema just down the road so we could try there. When we go there, however, it was just the same. 

We were about to give up and go back another night when I noticed they were showing Gremlins. We had not heard of the film and had no idea what it was about but decided to watch it anyway. I thought it such a weird film but I did fall in love with Gizmo. As the years have past, and I’ve watched both Ghostbusters and Gremlins many times, I have to say that Gremlins is my favourite of the two. 


Then I grew Up

With quite a few adult years under my belt it’s obvious that there are lots of films that I’ve loved. Some I’ve watched over and over and never tire of them, like Back to the Future.  A few years ago I went to The Gadget Show Live and managed to get up close to Jason Bradbury’s Back to the Future Delorean

More grown films I love are Trainspotting and Pulp Fiction, yet the first time I watched them I wasn’t that keen at all. I’m not keen on violence, or drug taking but I do like films with a different approach, something that makes them stand out from other films. And both of these certainly do that. I’ve still not seen the new Trainspotting film though.

Full Circle

As a child I loved musicals and I still do. When I was at school, admitting that you liked Abba was a bit of a faux paux, a social blunder. So, of course I wasn’t a fan. Years later Bjorn Again played at the university where I worked and I loved every minute. So I was utterly thrilled when Mamma Mia came out. I’ve watched it tons of times but now I’m waiting for the chance to watch Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again. 

It took me a long time to watch The Greatest Showman, but again, it’s one of my favourites that I could watch over and over. The story line is not that brilliant but I love the music and Hugh Jackman of course.

I guess that brings me up to date.  Although, I feel like I’ve missed so much out, there are always so many memories attached to films. And of course, there are so many favourites too. 

What are your favourite films?

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You’ve Got Mail

Today’s prompt for Blogtober18 is ‘Movies You Have Watched a Thousand Times.’ I’m cheating a little as I wrote this post a few months ago.

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan

Back in the 90s Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan starred in three iconic films together.

1990 – Joe Versus the Volcano

1993 – Sleepless in Seattle

1998 – You’ve Got Mail

I think that Sleepless in Seattle is the most memorable of the three. Who can forget that wonderful meeting on the top of the Empire State Building.

However, You’ve Got Mail is my favourite, mainly because it reminds me so much of my early computer days.

I’m not always a great lover of romantic comedies but there is something special about the relationship between Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, they work perfectly together.

They did another film together in 2015, Ithaca, which I admit I haven’t seen yet. Apparently Meg and Tom are not the main stars in this film, but I may still get around to watching it, even if it’s just to see the gorgeous town of Ithaca, a Greek island off Kefalonia.

You’ve Got Mail

a woman's hand typing on a laptop keyboard

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Kathleen Kelly: [in an email to Joe Fox] The odd thing about this form of communication is that you’re more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings.

Why do I love You’ve Got Mail? Well, it’s set around books for starters. I’d so like to visit The Shop Around the Corner, Kathleen’s (Meg Ryan) adorable little bookshop that was passed down from her Mother. However, I wouldn’t be able to resist a visit to Fox Books either. This is Joe Fox’s (Tom Hanks) book superstore which eventually puts Kathleen’s little shop out of business.

Kathleen Kelly: When you read a book as a child, it becomes a part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does.

Apart from the book theme, I also love the nostalgia of early computing. Back in 1998 I was the owner of a  shiny new computer which cost me £999.99. Or almost month of my wages back then, and I had a pretty good job. The computer had a minute 3GB hard drive, which is not actually enough to run Windows these days. I had dial-up Internet, first from Free Serve, which was very hit and miss as to whether it would connect or stay connected. Then I moved to AOL, America Online. The Americans were way ahead of us back then and a visit online would connect you with mostly American sites. Most Brits were only online at work, so out of work hours were mostly for connecting with foreigners.

Kathleen and Joe are already e-mailing each other at the start of film although they don’t know each other. They both have partners which they are not entirely happy with so the e-mails they send to each other give them a little thrill. They don’t reveal any personal information, but talk about their lives and are always there for each other.

Eventually they split with their partners and agree to meet. But, they have already met and do not actually like each other. She’s angry with him for ruining her business, and he has been rude to her.

They go to meet and he realises that it’s Kathleen he’s been e-mailing, but he doesn’t let on. They argue and she ends up thinking that her e-mail fella has stood her up.

Now he knows who she he realises that he’s actually in love with her and so he sets out to win her heart. But it’s difficult when she has already given her heart to her unknown e-mail companion.

I won’t tell you the ending. You’ll probably guess anyway, even if you’ve never seen the film.

Kathleen Kelly: What will NY152 say today, I wonder. I turn on my computer. I wait impatiently as it connects. I go online, and my breath catches in my chest until I hear three little words: You’ve got mail. I hear nothing. Not even a sound on the streets of New York, just the beating of my own heart. I have mail. From you.

How Does the Film Translate today.

You’ve Got Mail is now 20 years old. Internet dating has moved on a lot, I mean, does anyone actually meet on e-mail anymore?

There are so many things that seem so wrong in this film when thought about in present day terms. He knows who she is and goes ahead and primes her to fall in love with him. He becomes very much like a stalker, following her around, accidentally bumping in to her, telling her things that she wants to hear because she’s already confessed to her e-mail friend. It just all seems so very wrong.

But they are two people in love with each other’s minds and eventually fall in love with each other.

If there is one thing you can learn from this movie, it’s that you can’t judge someone without getting to know them.

When they first meet in the movie, neither of them knowing they are each other’s e-mail friends, there is an obvious chemistry. The second meeting she realises that he is the owner of the huge book store and believes he has been spying on her and so the hatred begins. And he retaliates.

The film is a gentle romantic comedy with just enough intrigue to keep you guessing how it’s going to end. The relationship between the two main characters is fascinating to watch.

Today, meeting someone on the Internet is a different experience. Things move along so much quicker for one. Also, it’s not guaranteed that that person who seems so perfect online is even nice in real life, you have to be really careful. Back in 1989 things were much simpler, and romance online not so scary.


If you were to ask me what film genre was my favourite, I’d most likely not admit that it was romantic comedy. I’d usually go for something more gritty, like a thriller. Or I’d been keen to admit that I like Science Fiction. A list of my most watched films of all time would probably read; Star Wars, Back to the Future, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, The Terminator etc.

But in there are a few little surprising gems, like You’ve Got Mail and Mamma Mia. And one of my current favourites is The Greatest Showman.

What sort of films do you like to watch? Have you seen You’ve Got Mail?

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A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

Some people only write reviews when things go wrong with products, which is good because it lets people know that there could be potential problems. I’ve also seen negative feedback with say things like, I had to return this item because the colour did not suit me…is this useful?

I write reviews on most items I buy because I like to give genuine feedback. If I have a genuine problem with a product I will write my review in the appropriate place.

I write reviews on my blog too, but they are mostly positive. Why? Because I only write reviews for the things I’ve loved. If I don’t love them I let the person who sent me them know with details why and then let them decided if they would rather me write a negative review or not write one at all. It’s always the latter.

This is my blog, my place and I’ll let you know about the things I love. If you want to find out what other people have hated about the product then you will need to look elsewhere.

My reviews may all be positive, but they are still genuine.