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  1. Debbie

    Hi Anne, tyre maintenance and ‘health’ is an important part of car safety that is easy to overlook. If it weren’t for the husband I would be clueless, although I have had to change a tyre twice over the years which would have been worth videoing for those days when you need a laugh. We are having two new tyres put on the front of the car next week for our trip to the mainland. Luckily we have our car serviced regularly, so it’s something we’ve been able to budget for without that nasty surprise feeling…. Hope your new tyre isn’t a budget buster!


    • Anne Sweet

      mmm yes, I do remember changing a tyre myself once, my brother showed me how to do it..eek your hands get really dirty, lol. Thankfully our car is a leased car so things like tyres are covered and we don’t have to pay. xx

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