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  1. Emma

    Oh I’m so sorry you had to go through that anxiety for nothing! I have the same build up before appointments and it always knocks me for the day. At least you were able to enjoy your pancakes when you got home, that’s a very sweet silver lining! 🙂 #WotW

  2. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Strawberries and cream was the favourite pancake topping here this year although I usually prefer savoury pancakes. Glad you managed to get your infusion this month and hope you feel better for it. I love Boo’s White Witch outfit. Thanks for hosting #WotW

    • Anne Sweet

      I’m not keen on savoury pancakes, much nicer sweet I think. Although my eldest daughter was talking about doing smoked salmon and cream cheese pancakes and I thought that sounded nice enough to try at least. Thanks for joining in x

  3. Angela Webster

    I love Boo’s costume, I’ve noticed other school going with a theme this year. We enjoyed pancakes this week too but we are a simple bunch sticking with lemon, sugar and syrup. Glad to hear your dental appointment wasn’t as bad as expected, I work myself up about these things too I think it’s the not knowing exactly what will happen on the day. Have a lovely weekend x

    • Anne Sweet

      Only problem with the dentist is that I’ll have to go back one day! Thankfully the tooth isn’t hurting, so I’m hoping that means it’s totally dead and won’t be a problem coming out.
      I hope you have a lovely weekend too x

  4. Louisa

    Boo for flat tyres and needing new ones. We had 2 new ones last week and the cost was eye watering!
    Hooray for pancakes. Your topping selection sounds delicious. We tend to stick to sugar, lemon or syrup with ours. #wotw

    • Anne Sweet

      Luckily our car is a lease car on motability, so we don’t have to pay for tyres or repairs. It would have left us broke if we had! Yay for sugar and lemon pancakes, I could eat them every day!

  5. Kim Carberry

    That sounds very annoying about the flat tyre. I hope they are all fixed now.
    That is a lot of pancake toppings. My two has some with golden syrup and lemon, some with chocolate sauce and some with strawberry jam. I just had lemon and sugar.
    I love the idea of going to school in your pj’s. Boo’s costume is fab x

  6. Cheryl | TimeToCraft

    Boo looks amazing. Absolutely no doubt who she went out, even before I read the description. She did a great job. Our first year not dressing up, which I missed. I’ve always loved making costumes. Sorry to hear the car had problems. I can really empathize with that one. Thank goodness for pancake day and all the toppings. We like lemon and sugar or maple syrup.

    • Anne Sweet

      We tried maple syrup but were not keen on it. Thanks for the kind comments on Boo’s costume. She was really pleased with herself putting it all together.

  7. Elaine Livingstone

    Hate getting myself worked up just to be disappointed as means you have to go back again and get worked up another time.
    That is a lot of toppings for pancakes. I make mine with raisins and golden syrup in and don’t add a topping.

    • Anne Sweet

      I’m with you on getting worked up over nothing, I’m just hoping that by the time I go back the tooth will be just about ready to drop out by itself! I’ve never put raisins on a pancake although I love golden syrup.

  8. Karen

    I love Boo’s costume! it’s nice to see something different. My pancakes did not turn out too well.. the ones I made foe Hubby and the kids did, just not mine! ah well LOL!

    • Anne Sweet

      Oh, I’m used to pancakes not working out well. I bought a new pan this year and every single one was perfect. I’m tempted to hide the pan and only use it for pancakes 🙂

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