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  1. Crystal Green

    This is such a great idea to ask for baby books like that. It sounds like the parents are headed in the right direction with wanting to have plenty of reading material for their little one.

    I hope that you get a grandchild of your own soon. I’m in no hurry to be a grandmother (of course, my oldest is only 18.)

    I found you on the Monday Morning Blog Club.

    • Anne Sweet

      My eldest is 31 and never had a partner, I also have a daughter approaching 30 and she is appalled by pregnancy, so no chance there. I do have three younger ones…I’m pinning my hopes on my 11 yr old, but not for a good few years yet, if I last that long 🙂

  2. Random Musings

    I love the idea of requesting baby books. What a fantastic way to get a great assortment of books to share with a little one and get them interested in books from an early age

  3. Mrs A

    I love board books for very young children and will often gift them rather than a plastic toy that will get discarded after 5 mins. Luckily my niece and nephew both love books as much as me.

  4. Laura's Lovely Blog

    Oh books are such a lovely idea for a baby shower! I have a baby and he doesn’t have any of these books so I might have to get him a couple. I would also have to add Dear Zoo to this list as I love reading it with my children so much #KLTR

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