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  1. Jenni

    I love the sounds of these books! And the illustrations are wonderful. My eldest is 8 and I think would love these. The solar system one in particular sounds right up his street. #KLTR

  2. Kim (@BookBairn)

    We have this one too – it’s such a lovely book isn’t it?! I love the art style. And good news is the author and illustrator pair have more books coming! Thanks for linking up with KLTR! Kim x

  3. Rose Chandler

    What an intriguing fusion of topics! The intersection of architecture and the principles of relativity reminds us that creativity and scientific understanding can harmoniously coalesce. Just as architects leverage the laws of physics to design spaces that interact with their environments, relativity challenges our perceptions of time and space, leading to awe-inspiring breakthroughs in science

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