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  1. Debbie

    Hi Anne, there was a time when I was determined to enjoy yoga, but I just couldn’t get into it and being alone dabbler armed with a book and YouTube videos I was convinced I was doing myself more harm than good. Now I just stick to a selection of stretches I can feel are doing me good, but not doing me damage… Good advice for anyone worried about poses that may cause injury.


    • Anne Sweet

      I used to be a yoga guru (well, in my head anyway) I had such great balance and I could bend in so many ways. (It’s quite ironic that now I’m becoming stiff!) I always used to feel so good after a yoga workout, but now, looking deep into my family history I see that we all have (in my case had) a form of hyper mobility. Which is super for yoga, unless you are prone to popping joints out. Mxy daughter is banned from anything yoga like as shes already had far too many subluxations and dislocations, but like me she has been more prone to popping out a joint while getting dressed or stepping off a kerb than by any form of exercise. x

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