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  1. Friend

    I love this review, and I loved the performance. I love ballet and I love Mathew Bourne and your reviews always do the performances justice in a way that I could never hope to achieve.

    I’m so glad we were able to attend. Like you, I felt very moved by the whole performace but that dance with Romeo and Juliet that you refer to was a very emotional experience and I don’t think I have experienced anything like it before in a ballet. True art at its very best.

    I do have to disagree on one thing though…I’m sure Mercutio was shot not stabbed?!?! Didn’t we hear a gun shot off stage?

    Thank you for sharing a very memorable night xx

  2. Justin

    This looks interesting, a friend of mine went to see it and had good things to say about it. I’ve never really considered going to see a ballet production, but I am very interested in going to the opera! I discovered classical music during my studies and become quite hooked…I may have a look at a ballet performance online and see if it intrigues me.

    • Anne Sweet

      I love opera, but I much prefer Mozart to anyone else. I get a little fed up of the repetition that some composers like. A good aria is a good aria, it doesn’t have to be repeated over and over. I do like a bit of Wagner, but again, I can’t listen to all of his operas in one go. My all time favourite is The Magic Flute, and I get shivers everytime I hear the aria from the Queen of the Night. I never went to a ballet until a couple of years ago, I wasn’t sure that I’d like it. But forget the words, the dancing and the music takes you away to whole new place.

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