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  1. Debbie

    Hi Anne, it’s good to see mental health being taken seriously and getting the attention it deserves. Being an invisible problem means it’s easy to brush off (by others and not the people suffering). Getting the right help and support is a vital part of learning how to cope.


  2. Drug Rehab

    This is such a great article that I can relate to because I struggled with my sobriety for such a long time. I really love how inspirational you are to others like us! Thankfully I finally figured out my path and I’ll have 5 years sober in August!

  3. Tiffany Richard

    Very informative! I believe mental well-being is associated with empathy more than anything. I know an online counseling platform, Calming Streams Counseling, where you’re listened to with empathy, comforted with love and guided towards positivism. Do check it out!

  4. John Gatesby

    Rehabilitation centers are best places to get rid of addictions and restore the mental health. Very few people recognize that they have a problem when they are drinking too much or facing early stages of depression. This is the best time to seek professional help or even stay at these centers when the problem is in its initial stages.

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