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  1. Kim Carberry

    It’s our first winter here and our last boiler was one under the gas fire so it seems like we have a lot to learn about our Combi boiler.
    Our smoke detectors were tested when our boiler & gas fire was and the radiators were bled.
    So far all our windows are draft free and there is no damp anywhere.
    I think all we have to do is check the gutters x

  2. ESCO

    Thank you for sharing such helpful content! By the way, dirty air conditioner filters are the most common cause of poor indoor air quality. And this, in turn, is bad for your health, because can cause such ailments as respiratory diseases, headaches, fatigue, and even heart disease.

  3. Polestar

    Thank you for sharing this! As for the boiler, consider replacing it with a tankless water heater.
    After crunching my annual energy spending numbers, I deduced that my boiler consumed a significant amount of energy. It was old and ran round the clock.
    When researching for an alternative, I decided to install a tankless water heater. The result of this change was almost instantaneous. Unlike regular boilers, demand-type water heaters only function when needed. With a tankless heater, water is heated directly without the need for storage. In doing so, these heaters don’t generate standby energy losses.

  4. Integrity

    As for heating system, another thing you should do to improve its efficiency is to check furnace filters. Dirty filters make it work harder and consume more energy. As a result, you get large heating bills. As I know, it’s recommended to clran them once every three months.

  5. Service Today

    Also, you should check your wiring and do rewiring if needed. Actually, it should be done every 20 years. Even though rewiring is quite costly (over $1,400 on average but can range to nearly $2,300), it worth the investment. The old wiring poses a great threat to you and your property.

  6. 512 Refrigeration

    Thank you for sharing! Besides, you shouldn’t neglect checking all the electrical appliances in your home. Breakages or even such a thing as accumulated dust can make appliances work harder and consume much energy to function. Not only does it cause premature failures and large utility bills but also may cause high overvoltage and fire. First, pay attention to those appliances in your home that tend to work incessantly: furnaces, boilers, fridges. As they work 24/7, their inefficiency can cost you lots of money.

  7. Sanders&Johnson

    As for cleaning air conditioner filters, It is one of those home maintenance jobs that is often overlooked. But it is important indeed to remember to change them. Not only do dirty filters make the unit work inefficiently but also can cause poor air quality in your home. Fatigue, severe headaches, allergies, irritated eyes and nose, cough can signal poor indoor air quality.

  8. Edelman

    Thanks for sharing! If your house is not so new, I would also recommend considering rewiring. Especially if the electrical wiring wasn’t changed last 50 years. Old wiring itself is not inherently dangerous. But as it ages there is always the chance for corrosion or damage to occur, which could eventually lead to serious problems like becoming a shock hazard or starting electrical fires.

  9. Jared Seitz

    There is a lot of important information in this piece. I would like to elaborate on importance of gutter cleaning. Gutter cleaning serves multiple [le purpose for your home first clean gutter allow water to flow through system unimpeded. This prevents overflow, this is a major issue it causes a multitude of issues from stained siding and gutters to algae or rotting wood on home as well. But the biggest most expensive and most commonly overlooked damage would have to be foundation.

  10. Seth Parent

    Great article! I agree that regular home maintenance is essential to keep your home in good shape and avoid costly repairs down the road. Some of the tasks on your list, like checking the smoke detectors and cleaning the gutters, are things that should be done on a monthly or quarterly basis. Others, like checking the plumbing system and replacing the HVAC filters, can be done less frequently but are still important.

    Overall, great advice and a useful reminder to prioritize regular home maintenance. Thanks for sharing!

  11. TheMasterCleanGroup

    We have an organization in my city that will contract with older adults to do maintenance on their homes so that they can remain in their homes as long as possible.
    Event the simple routine tasks can become overwhelming for seniors.

  12. TheMasterCleanGroup

    I’m buying a house, it’s my first one. This is a whole lot of wisdom packed into 10 minutes. This is why people don’t get rich off googling “how to be a millionaire” those are the people who are looking at the picture from too far back. You’re the type of guy who painted the picture and paid attention to the details. All those little savings add up.

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