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  1. Catherine

    I know what you mean about cabin fever but although things are opening up and becoming more normal here we are still staying close to home and not going out to enclosed spaces like shops unless necessary. It’s lovely to be able to spend time outside with friends again though :o)


    • Anne Sweet

      We are not allowed to meet with more than one person at the moment, which is awkward seeing as I need a carer with me at all times. Things are becoming more normal here because others are breaking the rules, I just hope it doesn’t cause another spike which will put us back in complete lock down. 🙁

  2. Kim Carberry

    It is all a bit samey isn’t it. I am glad the sunshine is back. It makes everything a bit easier.
    I sent my girls out for the first time without my fella and I yesterday. They went for a walk around the farmers field. There is official footpaths around it which I discovered a couple of days ago after looking on Google for a nice walk.
    My two are missing school and their friends but they won’t be going back before September. I am quite glad about it but they’re not. Eek x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Coronavirus questionnaire answered by my youngest.

    • Anne Sweet

      It’s hard isn’t it, the kids want to go back to school because it’s been so long, but they have so much longer to wait. I’m glad you have somewhere for the girls to walk, I hope we can get out soon.

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