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  1. ESCO

    I like these suggestions cause they do not imply the extension of the house. Even though it can be a good idea in some cases, every homeowner who’s thinking about it should keep in mind that it will cost you additional money on heating and cooling.
    If you can create some more space in your home using these tips, do it.

    • Happy Hiller

      Yes, additional space implies additional costs on energy bills. But if you have already decided to make an expansion not for living but for storing things there (for instance) consider installing a duct HVAC system there. Since a duct system is an option that consists of several independent units located in each room where heating or cooling is necessary, it is an excellent solution for those who don’t often use every room in the house. Doing so allows you to reduce energy usage by only installing it in the areas where it’s most needed.

    • Polestar

      Quite true, but keeping your HVAC system well maintained is something that will help you save money. One of the most common problems to find is a dirty HVAC system. It’s vital to replace the air filter every few months or sooner. This will keep your system running smoothly and your heating bill reasonable because your HVAC doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the house warm. If your filter or pipes are clogged within your HVAC then it’ll take more air and more energy to maintain a certain temperature within your home.

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