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  1. John Adams

    There’s utter confusion out there. I am seeing more and more groups of people meeting up, often, though not always, teenagers who would otherwise be at school. Lots more cars around also. Social distancing seems to have become a vague concept.

    • Anne Sweet

      I wanted to go out so badly, but then everyone decided they were able to break all the rules, then the rules were changed to fit. Now, it’s just not safe for me to go. I should have broken the lock down and got out while it was quiet!

  2. Emma

    I’ve never heard of Not Going Out before Anne, but I’ll definitely take a look! I’m always looking for new things to watch 🙂 I feel the exact same as you when it comes to staying home. Neighbours all around us have already been breaking the rules for a few weeks now and I’m sure it’s the same in every street across the UK. I miss my family, but I can absolutely handle being away from them for another month or so if it keeps us all safe! #wotw

  3. Enda Sheppard

    It really is appalling that ther example you have coming from the top is so terrible. The Cummings Affair looks to be a new low in British government operations, especially under BJ. Here in Ireland it’s getting harder and I see a lot of teens, especially, in bunches and not observing social distancing. #WotW

  4. Kim Carberry

    It must be a relief not having Star going back to school. I am so glad my two are home until at least September. I would be a nervous wreck if they were going back on Monday.
    I think I have seen bits of Not Going Out before but not a whole episode.
    We are not rushing to meet up with people but we have been on a couple of bike rides this past week. I am happy to stay in our little safe bubble. x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…This week my Word of the Week is: Treats! #WotW

  5. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I’m glad that you at least have things clarified with regards to Star going back to school. It all feels a bit of a mess at the moment with lockdown easing and there seem to be more and more people who seem to just be doing what they want rather than following the guidance. I have to admit that I’m very wary of downloading any app – I have no issues with the concept of tracking and tracing contacts to reduce transmission and try and keep this virus under control but I have very little trust in this government especially with regards to security and data handling. So like you, we are not really going out unless it’s for necessary shopping and to visit Jessica where we can easily keep our distance from others. I used to love watching Not Going Out – haven’t watched it for a long time though. It’s such a good sitcom 🙂 #WotW

    • Anne Sweet

      Thanks Jayne, we are suffering at the moment thanks to Graham having a fight with the washing machine which had him ending up needing surgery on his hand. So now he can’t use his right hand, and he’s my ‘right hand man.’ We’re in a bit of a pickle to be honest, but at least I know he’ll heal. (it was a 50% chance of losing his thumb!) Oh, and we are having a new washing machine delivered today. I’m not having the old one fixed, it’s full of blood eek!

  6. Cynthia

    First, sorry for taking so long to get around to reading everyone’s posts. My migraine is finally starting to go away. As for current events, all I can do is shake my head right now. I fell asleep Friday with less covid restrictions and woke up Monday to a city and county curfew due to rioting and looting. I can’t even begin to process the madness of the world right now. Sending you gentle hugs!

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