New Sofas

Do you remember my new sofas from six weeks ago? Well, even though I really like them, the rest of the family had mixed feelings and now we have ended up swapping them. We had to wait for the new ones to be made but I think they are worth it. The new sofas are a bit different because even though they are leather, they have fabric seats and backs. (Not cushion backs, I’m sorry but they would drive me insane.) They arrived on Monday morning at 7.30am. Just as we were getting the girls ready for school!

I believe everyone is happy with the new sofas. Well they had better be, I’m not changing them again. I’m just glad I was able to change my mind with no issues this time.

Sports Day

The girls are having sports day this week and they are both really excited about it. I was never a sporty person and I hated P.E. and sports day. The only game I really liked playing was rounders. I was good at the long jump, especially having longer legs, I barely had to put in any effort to get further than anyone else. I was rubbish at short distance running as I was a slow starter. I did manage to keep up stamina in longer races though. I can’t remember ever winning anything.

School sports day these days are much more fun, and the girls love them. Star can’t take part in a lot  because of her Elhers Danlos Syndrome. She suffers from tiredness, dizziness and joint pain. She does try as much as possible though and still has fun. The school is brilliant with her, if she says she can’t go on they let her stop.

Boo loves sport, she’s not the best at most things but she tries really hard. I’m hoping that she wins something as I know she will get a real boost if she does. I’ll be waiting impatiently to hear how she does. Daddy is going to watch her.

Update: Both girls had real fun on their sports days, no medals were won but they really enjoyed themselves. Boo did get a trophy at the year six leavers assembly, for being ‘Artfully Creative.’ Now, I’m waiting for them to come home from their last day at school…yay!


It feel like I’ve been waiting for this Summer holiday for so long! We really deserve a rest from school. Can you believe, I have spent a whole term home educating the Little Man. He’s done really well and we have folder full of work to show the LEA when they come to check on him. As well as all the curriculum work we’ve also enjoyed learning about electronics, rainforests and magnets. We have even fitted in a little Quantum Physics!

He’s been reading a longer book than usual, Kid Normal by Greg James and Chis Smith. We can’t wait to see how the book ends.

The summer holiday is looking really exciting for us. We start with Boo’s birthday, I’m not sure what we will be doing yet but I do have her presents. Then we have a charity gig to go to and Graham will be on stage doing his part.

Next up is the Little Man’s birthday and I’m really hoping we can get out for the day. We have yet decided where to go  but I’m sure it will be fun. I have most of his birthday gifts ready.

Mid August we will be going on holiday, it’s a camp in Devon that we went to 8 years ago. Before the Little Man was born. We had such a brilliant time there that I’ve been waiting for a chance to go back and now I won’t have to wait too much longer.

After the holiday we still have some excitement as it will be Star’s birthday before they go back to school.


I think that when it rains it’s going to be so welcome as we’ve waited for so long now. It’s just not the way we expect our summer to be is it. We had a tiny bit of rain the other day, I was actually sat in the garden and felt it. Sadly, it was not enough to even leave the patio wet.

I want to it to rain now, a nice big downpour to bring back the green!

Then it can go away again and give some more weeks of glorious sunshine. I’ve never been a summer lover but I have to admit, I’ve felt so much better in the heat, the usual aches and pains are really not so bad. I can see why chronically ill people decide to move to hotter climates.


IVIG, is the treatment I receive for my condition. I have it by infusion in hospital once a month and it seems to be helping. Before I used to have to wait 3 months for a treatment, but the monthly one is working much better so I’ll be telling my consultant at my appointment in October. I have been waiting patiently for my consultant appointment, I’ve been doing some research and want to ask him about some other treatments.

There won’t be too much waiting for my next treatments though. I have one next week and another the day before we go on holiday, how brilliant is that! Having it monthly also seems to reduce the side effects because the dose is smaller.


Hand holding a watch

Photo by Jaelynn Castillo on Unsplash

My word of the week this week is waiting because I’m waiting for so many things, thankfully they are all good.


Debs Random Writings
The Reading Residence


This weeks word(s) of the week are

Home Education

The Little Man left school shortly before the end of the half term and  has been home ever since. We have put in some applications for a couple of local schools but there are no places right now.

We have been working hard to keep up with what he may be doing if he was at school, thankfully, when it’s one on one learning you don’t need to have to work for so many hours as you would in a normal classroom. Star’s home tutor told me that nine hours a week was enough, so that’s our aim at the moment. Of course, we do go over as I like to turn other things into learning, there is so much to learn on a trip out to the park, the shops, or library. Also, we learn while cooking lunch together.

Each day we start with a simple exercise just to get him in the mood for learning. This may be a word search or a puzzle page. I printed off some great Football related code breaking sheets that the Little Man enjoyed doing and got him started with some maths.

Then we go on to a subject study, either Maths, English or Science. He likes Maths and Science best, it’s hard to get him to do any  English as he doesn’t like writing. I think I’ll let him write some work up on the laptop just to get him interested. He can always practice writing later. He loves reading though and I’ve picked a longer book to read together, Kid Normal by Radio One DJs Chris Smith and Greg James. It’s really funny and a bit challenging for the Little Man which is just what we need.

I also bought an electronics kit and he’s had loads of fun learning about and making circuits. We made an alarm for when the door opens and a sensor to tell us when the bath was full and it was time to turn off the taps. I think I learnt quite a bit too.

Finally, we had some craft sessions with a My Gecko Box which I bought him all about Rainforests. We used this as a project and as well as making a rainforest in a cardboard box, we also found out lots of information on the Internet about rainforests. Again, I think I learnt quite a bit too!

Here is the result;

The box that everything came in was used as the Rainforest base and he stuck on some green crepe paper and blue cellophane. The he cut out some green leaves and stuck them on. Finally, I help him tie two pieces of string to divide the sections. We labelled them (on the side) Forest floor, understory, canopy and Emergent.

The Little Man learnt about which creatures lived in which sections and had to choose where to put the creature that he made. In the box there were little bags containing everything he needed to make a Caiman lizard, A butterfly, a colourful bird, two snakes, two tree frogs and a spider. He had lots of fun making the creatures and the Rainforest.

(I bought the box for £19.99 and it contained every needed apart from scissors. It took the Little Man 3 days to make it all, so it was worth the money. I am now considering getting him a monthly subscription.)

We’ve had a really great week and I’m really enjoying teaching him. He seems a lot happier too. We are hoping to meet up with other home educating parents and their children for some social activities in our area.

Have you ever home educated a child, or considered doing so?


The Reading Residence



My word of the week has to be kitten.

We adopted Ash on Monday and he’s been a big hit for such a tiny little kitten. At just over six weeks old he is small enough to fit in the palms of my hands. But his paws are big, so I don’t think he’ll be small for long. We may have a little tiger on our hands.

He was the only boy in the litter with four sisters. We were looking for a male cat so he was the obvious choice despite his sisters also being incredibly cute.

He’s a bit shy and at the moment and he’s living in my bedroom. It’s the safest place for him for now but he’s certainly making himself at home. He loves the cat condo we bought him even though it took a while to get him to come out of a cardboard box. The first night he climbed up onto the bed and slept with me. I’m not one that normally allows pets on the bed but he’s still a baby so I let him off. I think my snoring comforted him haha.

We have always had cats and for 16 years we have had more than one cat at a time. We lost three cats over the past three years and our one remaining cat, Sabrina, was feeling a bit lonely. Fingers crossed that she gets on with our new addition once we are ready to introduce them. I think she already has a hint that there is another cat in the house. I’ve found her sniffing around outside my bedroom. We also fuss her after being in with Ash so the scent of each cat is shared.

The kids adore him and love playing with him. He’s getting used to us all already, although we try not to crowd him by going in one or two at a time.  He’s a bit awkward to get photos of because he doesn’t like it when we get our phones out, it must be pretty scary for him. I’m sure as time goes by we’ll end up with hundreds of pics of him though.


The Reading Residence





This week the kids returned to school after half term….well, the girls did. The Little Man is not going back. We went to the school for a meeting on Monday and although they tried to talk us in to sending him back, we asked for a few more days to decide. Yesterday we de-registered him from the school.  We have applied to another school nearby but they will have to let us know when they can take him. The forms are completed and we have our fingers crossed. In the meantime I am going to home educate him.

I explained more about why we don’t want him to return to his school in this post, School Days Trials and Tribulations part four – Karma. What really nailed it for us was the meeting on Monday. We were told that everything was being done to keep him safe but he often made the wrong choices by hiding in corners or under tables where the teacher finds it difficult to see what’s going on. So, because my son is so scared of being hurt he is hiding from the bullies and this is his fault somehow!

Home Educating

I am hoping he gets into a new school soon but I won’t mind home educating him for a while, even if it’s up until the end of term. When Star was off school for eleven months with her neck problem she had a home tutor and I picked up a lot from her. In fact, Star was only a little older than the Little Man is now, so I have a good idea of what I will be doing. I’m even a little bit excited (remind of this when I’m totally fed up of him refusing to work for me and I’m moaning about never having any time for myself!)


The Reading Residence



Well, what a week it has been this week.

I had my hospital treatment on Monday which went well, no side effects, yay! The session only last 3 hours and it’s only for one day this week. As it’s school Holiday this week Graham took the kids out for some fun while I was there.

Today we are having a day out together, I’m hoping we’ve picked the right day for the weather. This week has flown by but I’m hoping the kids have had lots of fun. The trampoline is getting lots of use and the kids have been playing with their water guns too.

I’ve had to choose Sofas as my word of the week though because we’ve had two new sofas in our living room. The old ones were okay but I needed something firmer and wanted something brighter too. So we’ve gone for red leather! And they fit right in with our decor. Now we just have to get the cat to like them.


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