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  1. Kim Carberry

    I think everyone should be wearing a mask but I don’t understand why they’ve decided now is the time. Surely it would have been better to say wear a mask on the day everything started to open again.
    My fella has been wearing a mask work and he’s struggled with steamed up glasses. The soapy water on them really does help. My teen has been wearing one when she’s been going to the shop since I started letting her go again. She loves the masks but my youngest and I haven’t been anywhere to wear one yet. We have some and have tried them on but never spent time in them. Eek!
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  2. Jayne

    Very useful tips! It’s super strange times isn’t it?! I do feel for people who find it a challenge to wear masks. I’m just thankful that I went into remission from pulmonary sarcoidosis, because I wouldn’t have been able to breathe in one if I had that still. xx

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