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  1. Lisa | Handmade in Israel

    Oh gosh, such a hard decision to make! I completely agree with you. Covid has not gone away and I wish people would stop behaving as if it has done so. My son will be going back to school next week. He is 17 and has anyway been seeing friends. My husband and I have been much more cautious. I hope that all will be well.
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    • Anne Sweet

      It’s a lot of pressure on the schools too. The older kids should hopefully know how to behave and follow rules, but the younger ones are just going to be confused.

  2. Catherine

    It is so hard isn’t it – I think that we are lucky as we have a choice as to whether we send our children back or not. But what if we are the only ones that keep our child home? Will she suffer? Will her education suffer? We’re still waiting to hear how it will be at school for us but a friend’s daughter has already been told that school will be half online so they can restrict numbers in the school building at any one time. That sounds like the best solution to me so fingers crossed for our school.

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    • Anne Sweet

      I think that sounds sensible, there are all sorts of solutions to reduce numbers in the schools at any time. I really hope they can come up with something better than sending them all back in troves. I’ve had two of my children lose large chunks of schooling because of illness and other problems and they’ve caught up with no issues.

  3. Kim Carberry

    I am feeling very uneasy about the my youngest going back to school. So far we know nothing much apart from it reopens on the 7th. I am glad you haven’t heard anything about your girls secondary school either. It makes me feel a little bit better that most secondary schools seem to be dragging their heels in keeping parents informed.
    I think with families like yours which have been shielding there should be no pressure to send the kids back to school and you certainly shouldn’t be fined.
    I am happy for my teen to go back to college. They have been clear about what precautions have been put in place and how everyone is going to stay safe. x
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    • Anne Sweet

      I believe there is some sort of meeting on Wednesday with the school authorities which should outline further guidelines. I think college kids should know how to be more sensible. I feel for the teachers too though.

  4. Joanne

    OH wow! In the states we can opt out and do distance learning with our kids or we can send them. Most school are working a modified schedule where half the school goes two days; they sanitize and no one goes on Wednesdays then the other 1/2 attends Thurs. and Friday.
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    • Anne Sweet

      It just goes to show that there are ways to make this work. Our schools have not even told us definite plans yet. But they will all be in school at the same time and I just don’t see how that’s going to be safe. It’s totally not fair on vulnerable families who will face fines if they don’t send their kids into school. And nothing else is on offer so far, but we are campaigning.

  5. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    It is such a hard decision to make, and I can completely understand your concerns as I share many of them. My husband and I have considered deregistering Sophie and home-schooling her for the year (as we’d have to apply for junior school this year anyway) and if she’d been Jessica, I think we probably would have done so. However, I do feel that Sophie does need the social side of the school environment and to be able to see her friends again. She has coped so well with home-schooling and I know her education would not suffer if she needed to continue home-schooling but she has missed her friends a lot. I’m sure that her school will try and make it as a safe as they can but it is a worry. Good luck with making the right decision for your family x
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  6. Carol

    I’m not a parent but I have great concerns about going back to school. I fear children will become ill and some will die. The virus is horrific.

    • Anne Sweet

      This morning I heard of a little two year old who is in hospital struggling. It’s rare but not impossible, and we don’t know how much they carry without symptoms because they’ve not been in this situation yet.

  7. Debbie

    Hi Anne, I totally agree that what is right for one person maybot be right for the next and that no judgement should be placed on that. My sister is in a similar position where her husband is vulnerable after having a kidney transplant and her two will both be going to secondary school in September. Of course she wants them to go back, but she is also very nervous about the whole thing. They can keep my brother-in-law relatively safe at the moment as he is self employed and can work alone and the family are careful who they came into contact with, but going back to school brings concerns (my sister also works in a school) and for that reason anyone who feels that for the saftey of their loved ones their children should be homeschooled, then of course fines should not be handed out. There must a be a way of doing it.

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    • Anne Sweet

      Sorry to hear about your sister’s husband. It’s so difficult, It really should be thought out better. There are so many options other than ‘go to school or get fined.’ I’m joining campaign groups to lobby the government to rethink their moves. I’ve heard of so many parents who are choosing to home school instead. It’s not fair at all. I WANT my kids to go to school, but I also it want it to be safe for them and me.

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