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  1. Erica Price

    It's made no difference to me to be honest as I've been doing it for years. In fact, I see it as all positive: used to hate seeing people waste bags and I resented waiting to have my shopping scanned while a load of bags I wasn't going to use were got off the rack.

  2. angela hamilton

    I have been using my own shopping bag for quite a while and on the odd occasion when I have needed an extra bag I will happily buy the bag for life as it will get used over and over. The 5p charge has been running in Scotland for a while now and it doesn't bother me at all

  3. Liz Burton

    I'm happy with the new charge for bags – although when we get our new pup I'm going to have to start buying proper poo bags! We always used supermarket bags with our last dog. It will be a good motivation to try and source some biodegradable ones.

  4. Nadine Hill

    I have a stash of bags for life in the car boot and a handbag one in a pouch in my bag! I'm glad that people are reusing their bags more now- it's been a long time coming. They've used hessian bags for life on the continent for years!

  5. Zoe Campos

    Similar to your situation, we also exercise wise energy usage at home. This is one of our attempts to be more eco-friendly but we’re still struggling with waste disposal. It might be a good idea to check other environment-friendly waste options aside from our local garbage system.

  6. Jade Copper

    I love your ideas about zero waste, reduce, reuse, and recycling or the three R’s you are truly an inspiration for the youth. I think, skip bin hire online will do the best and flow these good three R’s and use such waste materials for recycling purposes and taking a part in the zero-waste initiative.

  7. Cleared 4 U

    Eliminating and overseeing trash has gotten one of the significant issues in this day and age. We can do a great deal about it.I think this is brilliant that people have to pay now to get carrier bags, I think it’s something that should have happened ages ago!

  8. eSkip

    Before covid our grocery deliveries were brought straight into the kitchen by the driver and placed on the island. Now the food is left at the front door and we have to pay for the bags so we have hundreds of bags in a cupboard as well!

    • Anne Sweet

      We have deliveries without bags but the boxes are left on the doorstep and we have to bring them in to empty them now. We have managed to cut down massively on plastic carrier bags.

  9. Ben Roy

    I love your thoughts regarding zero waste, diminish, reuse, and reusing or the three R’s; you are genuinely a motivation for adolescents. I think skip container enlist online will do the best and stream these great three R’s, utilize such waste materials for reusing purposes, and take a section in the zero-squander drive.

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