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  1. Karen Blower

    I’m glad home schooling is going well. Hope your daughter stays safe when she goes back to work. My two are okay with home learning but would rather be in school. I guess we’ll have to see how all this goes. We don’t go anywhere (well I do, I’m still working) I shall be glad when things can be a little more normal.
    Karen Blower recently posted…Word of the Week 15/1/2021 Me Time #WotW

  2. Cheryl | Time To Craft

    I’m glad this term is working out well for you. I know last term was a challenge. We have the same set up as you. I’ve used MS Teams at work for a few years. Funny to see the children on it all day! They prefer it when the whole lesson is on MS Teams, rather than being directed off to a video. Must be so hard for the teachers to teach online for hours on end, so I understand why they do it. I love having the children home and we seem to have settled into a routine remarkably quickly. They miss their friends, but still interact with them on line. They’ve found games to play online with them, which gets round the problem of having nothing to say, as they’ve done nothing worth talking about.

  3. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I’m glad home schooling is going well for you and your kids so far Anne. It is very different this time around, isn’t it? I’m the same with feeling happier to have the children home. We’ve had a few stressful moments with trying to juggle schoolwork around other things and still get it all done, but mostly it seems to be working well so far. Hope you have a nice weekend. #WotW

  4. Jane - Our Little Escapades

    So glad home school is going well for you. Let’s just say I’m glad it’s the weekend! I’m glad the kids are at home at the moment but Darren going out to work puts us at risk of the virus. Because of that, it wouldn’t bother me if Ethan could go back to his SEN school but at the moment it is only for keyworker children whose parents are on the frontline fighting covid. If in time they open up more I will put his name down like we did last time.

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