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  1. Kate Holmes

    Your dad matters and he would be proud of you because you are a lovely enough person to remember him as the unique individual he was and the memories made along the way which sustain you now. Thanks for sharing with the world. Thinking of you – these days are poignant I know. Monday Morning Blog Club

  2. Joleisa

    Oh, what memories.
    Just recently I thought of doing a video of my memories of my dad. I’m not sure I could manage to do it without crying. I know it must have been emotional for you to do and then to share. Good on you for keeping those photos too. We have nothing.

    • Anne Sweet

      Honestly, after 46 years without him I don’t feel sad anymore. I just enjoy the special memories that I do have. I wish there had been time for more but there is nothing I can do about that. I’m sorry you lost your Dad too x

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