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  1. Karen

    Oh no 🙁 hope your headache eases a little bit. And that all the other headaches get sorted. So annoying when the washing machine breaks and then they can’t come out for ages. Hope Little Man is okay bless him. Hope you have a nice half term

  2. Kim Carberry

    Ugh! The headache sound awful. I hope you find some relief from it soon.
    It doesn’t seem that long since you last had problems with your washing machine when Graham nearly lost his thumb.
    Aww! Your poor Little Man, it sounds so frustrating not being able to speak to someone. I hope you get it sorted soon and have a great half term. x

  3. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I’m so sorry that your headache has returned and you’ve been struggling with that as well as all the other headaches that you’ve been dealing with this week too. What a pain having to wait so long for your washing machine to be repaired. Hope it gets fixed soon. Hope you can also get the support in place at school for Little Man and get the bullying sorted out too. #project365

  4. Jane - Our Little Escapades

    I really hope your headache eases. They aren’t fun at the best of times. I can give myself them if I am very stressed about something and it sounds like you have lots of stress too. I hope they can fix your washing machine on the day and don’t have to order a part for it. It is terrible it takes so long to fix things. It was easier for us to order a new TV than find someone who could fix it! #WotW

  5. Cynthia @ Activefamilychiroaz

    Word of the week seven being “headache” is a timely reminder of the impact that headaches can have on our daily lives. Whether it’s tension headaches caused by stress, migraines triggered by certain foods or environments, or other types of headaches, the pain and discomfort can be debilitating.

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