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  1. Chickenruby

    We’re currently renovating our home that we’ve owned for 20 years, the previous owners were only here for 4 years from new so nothing was done until we moved in

  2. Cheryl | Time To Craft

    We gutted our cottage as it hadn’t been touched by the previous owners for a few of decades and had suffered. Fortunately old features had been covered over, so we could bring them back into the open. Smiling at point three. There is always the unexpected with an old house. I’m glad we took on the project. #mmbc

  3. Polestar

    Before any renovations, check the entire plumbing system in your home and do some repairs if needed. It really needs to be done before any home remodelings, since it may require opening walls and ceilings, and lifting carpets and floorboards to access pipes. Even though replacing pipes and plumbing fixtures can be quite costly, it is worth the investment. The old and faulty plumbing poses a great threat to your property.

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